A Very Naughty Christmas


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Here’s a couple of snippets from our box set.

Morganna Williams’ Story, Her Stern Doctor

Derek woke to the sun spilling happily across his face and down onto to Kendra’s relaxed features. Lord, she was pretty, with her dark hair, mussed from sleep, falling down over one eye.

When she opened them, they would be a beautiful bright blue, a pair of eyes he could happily gaze into for the rest of his life.

He just had to convince his stubborn little nurse that they belonged together. He knew he had her completely right now, but she was skittish and he had a sinking suspicion she would bolt on him at least once before he had her completely tamed to his hand.

He planned to use this forced time together to bind her to him sexually as much as possible. With that end goal in mind, he slid down her body and spread her wide. Using his fingers to open her labia and stretching them tight, he began to tongue the entrance to her vagina.

“What? Ooohoooo… oohhhooo… yes… oooohhooooo,” she cried, her back arching as she lifted her body to his mouth.

He pulled her lips even further apart, making her opening incredibly sensitive as his thumb began to stroke her clit in a circular motion while he played at the entrance to her core with hard lashes from the tip of his tongue.

Kendra suddenly gave a hoarse little wail and a gush of fluid shot straight into his mouth. Derek caught every bit of it, pleased he’d made her squirt. He licked every trace of it from her quivering slit, enjoying the little spasms and shudders still running through her body.

She began struggling to get away. “Did I just pee on you?” Kendra asked in a mortified voice.

Derek held her fast, grinning at her as he moved back up her body and slid into her with a smooth slow thrust. “No, baby, you squirted like the good girl you are,” he explained as he took her carefully, wanting to make her feel every inch of him and enjoying the way she groaned and her eyes rolled back a little at the pleasure of being filled.

“That’s never happened before,” she panted the words as he came to rest fully against her, then began an equally slow withdrawal.

“I plan to ensure it happens again and again,” he told her as he continued with his relentlessly slow pace.

“Harder… please… oooohooo, Derek… faster… please, you’re driving me insane!” Kendra cried, tossing her head restlessly as he kept her hovering on the edge of another orgasm.

“Good girls wait for their pleasure. Who’s in charge here?” he asked curiously, stopping his movements altogether and fighting back a grin at her frustrated moan.

“You are, I guess,” she said with a slight pout.

Derek’s eyebrows rose high. “Excuse me?” he asked before he pulled completely free, ignoring her pleading protest. “Someone needs a little lesson before we continue.”

“Noo… please don’t stop… you’re in charge… you’re in charge!” Kendra cried, trying to cling as he rose from the couch but he sat down and jerked her face down over his naked lap.

“Too late!” he said, slapping his hand hard across the lower part of her bottom to ensure every swat jolted her heated pussy. Again and again his hand fell; he watched as Kendra moaned and bucked her hips in obvious confusion. Clearly she wasn’t sure if she wanted him to spank her more or stop as the pleasure and the pain blended together.

Derek spanked her until her bottom was a bright scarlet and she gave a soft little sob of apology, then he lifted her to face him and brought her down hard, impaling her on his waiting cock.

Kendra came immediately, screaming his name as he powered up into her with several hard thrusts before succumbing to his own pleasure and shooting his heated seed deep inside her quivering body.

Sara Field’s Story, Her Kept Christmas


Her already warmed bottom tingled with anticipation.

“Did you spike the eggnog without my permission?”

His steady gaze caused her stomach to tie up in knots. She glanced down at his massive palms as he flexed his hands. She couldn’t even form the words to answer before he began to speak once again.

“Seems my naughty girl wants to earn a punishment, doesn’t she?”

His eyes darkened with mystery and she couldn’t help but feel incredibly aroused. Wetness pooled between her thighs and her clit pulsed in tune with her heart. She knew Eliot had darker desires and she’d only experienced a portion of them. She was both excited and nervous at the prospect of punishment, but a certain aspect of it was enthralling. Pressing her thighs together, she trembled and waited for what he would do next.

“We’re going to finish our dinner and then, I’m going to take you upstairs. You’re going to get punished like never before, little one.”

She couldn’t help but moan, completely turned on at the possibilities of experiencing what it really meant to be his submissive.

A Very Naughty Christmas’ Blurb

A Very Naughty Christmas is a five-book collection featuring brand-new holiday-themed titles from five best-selling spanking romance authors. It includes the following books:

Her Christmas Daddy, by Dinah McLeod

When Sara Schroder returns home from college to spend Christmas in the town where she grew up, it doesn’t take long for her reckless driving to get her in trouble. But police officer Alex Maxwell—the next-door neighbor she’s had a crush on for years—decides to handle the situation himself, and instead of being given a ticket Sara quickly finds herself over his knee with her bottom bare for the first spanking of her life.

Though the punishment leaves her deeply embarrassed, Sara cannot deny her arousal at being taken in hand so firmly by a man like Alex, and soon she is calling him daddy and delighting in his caring attention and his hard, dominant lovemaking. But can she learn to behave like a good little girl for him or will she spend the holidays with blushing cheeks and a bright red bottom?

Mistletoe Magic, by Maddie Taylor

Dixie Culbertson has seen more than enough heartbreak in her life, and as far as she is concerned, no man can be trusted. But when her old high school crush walks into the diner where she works, the desire she once felt for him is quickly rekindled.

Kyle Prescott has always regretted the misunderstanding that tore him and Dixie apart over a decade ago, but it will take more than just a kiss under the mistletoe to break down the walls she has built around her heart. He is determined to make things right, however, even if that means taking her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking and claiming her so thoroughly that she is left with no doubt that she belongs to him.

Daddy’s Little Elf, by Meredith O’Reilly

When Chloe Carpenter’s husband, Drew, catches her sneaking away to work despite her promise to take time off to allow them to spend Christmas together, he doesn’t hesitate to bare his naughty wife’s bottom and spank her soundly.

After the punishment is over, Drew quickly reminds his little girl that her daddy will always take care of her, and soon Chloe is snuggling in his lap, drinking hot chocolate, and being given a bubble bath. But when he finds out the secret reason she was slipping off to work, will it make him as happy as she hopes?

Her Stern Doctor, by Morganna Williams

After she speaks rudely to Dr. Derek Malcom one time too many, young nurse Kendra Jacoby finds herself in his office at the end of her shift expecting to be fired. But the doctor has other plans, and soon the sassy girl is lying across his lap as her bare bottom is thoroughly spanked.

Kendra is burning with desire by the time the punishment is over, and being brought to a humiliating climax over Derek’s knee only increases her need for him to take her long and hard. But when a powerful winter storm leaves them snowed in together, what will his plans for the night include?

Kept for Christmas, by Sara Fields

After Raina LeBlanc shows up for a meeting unprepared because she was watching naughty videos late at night instead of working, she finds herself in trouble with Dr. Eliot Knight, her stern, handsome boss. He makes it clear that she is in need of strict discipline, and soon she is lying over his knee for a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking.

Though her helpless display of arousal during the punishment fills Raina with shame, she is both excited and comforted when Eliot takes her in his arms after it is over, and when he invites her to spend the upcoming Christmas holiday with him she happily agrees. But is she prepared to offer him the complete submission he demands?

Publisher’s Note: A Very Naughty Christmas includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Personal Post- Can you have it both ways?



The Alpha Hubby and the Compassionate Guy— Can you have both?

This question reared its ugly head when I killed the tractor today. LOL, okay, I didn’t kill the tractor. But I did single-handedly cause between two and three hundred dollars worth of damage to the thing on the back of the tractor (Daddy Hubby just informed me it is called a box blade).

Here’s the thing. We were clearing out a section of leaves, and smoothing out the ground for a nice little spot in the woods for a treehouse for the kids. Back and forth, I went. Up and down with the back thing (box blade); pulling leaves, and extra dirt and small limbs over to the sides.

Then he asked me to help push a tree stump over. He instructed me to back that thing up, and lift the box blade higher so it would push at a different angle than if it were from the lowest setting. So I did.

The whole top part bent.

DH started making those really yucky looks with his eyes that said, “Oh my f***ing God, what did you do to our baby?” That’s what his eyes said. His voice said some really bad words, muttered under his breath. Along with a lot of head shaking. (for the record, I am the only potty mouth in our family. He is the laid back, kind, non-potty mouthed, good influence on our kids, parent)

I started crying. You know. Lower lip trembling, eyes tearing up. Trying not to cry, because you feel bad enough and you know the kids are just on the other side of the trees. I looked pitiful. I felt pitiful. I broke my tractor.

But did my loving, amazing Daddy/Hubby give me nurturing cuddles or “That’s okay, sweet girl. It was my fault for not explaining things better…”?


He calmly gave me whatfor for not knowing to stop before the thing bent up. (along with a few more mutterings about how much money it was going to cost).

Then I got angry. Very angry. With tears still streaming down my face, I told him exactly what I thought of his stupid plan to take out a tree stump. And how the hell could he expect me—a brand new tractor driver who has mostly only mowed the fields with it—to know how to take out a stump without killing a back thing?

I was furious. Mostly at him for not being more compassionate—he should have taken at least half the responsibility. I was untrained for this kind of task, and should not have to be held accountable for not understanding what he wanted. Yeah, it was his fault! I told him all of that while trying to rub my sore eyes with dried-out and dirty hands.

His response was much calmer and clearer. “It’s common sense. If you have something high up, and it starts bending and pushing up more, stop. “

So I burst into tears again. My husband was insinuating I had no common sense?

I have commons sense.

< Don’t walk alone after dark

< Don’t drink and drive

< Monitor the kids’ social media

< Bring a sweater or jacket, just in case it gets cold.

< etc..


Common sense. Yes, I get it! And I do have some of that in my highly creative, sometimes flighty personality.

But do I have engineering common sense?

Who screwed up the third grade toothpick bridge, for both kids?

Who can’t figure out how to get the Wii working on the right channel?

Who does not attempt any of the fun science experiments that involve building something?


Because when it comes to tech, or building something, or doing something with heavy machinery, it’s not my forte! That’s a different kind of common sense. And I don’t have it. So I shouldn’t be blamed for killing the tractor. He knew better!

LOL, I told him all of that, and that I was angry that he wasn’t apologizing.

He held me in his arms right there in the middle of the forest, right next to the busted tractor, and told me it would be all right. We could get a new part for the top.

He also told me he understood I was upset, but it was time to get over it, and finish the rest of our land clearing. Grrr! Still a tad angry, I took my frustration out on the rest of the leaves and dirt, this time leaving a huge space around the evil tree stump.

It got me to thinking. Why was he being such a mean jerk? Why couldn’t he just apologize? Why wouldn’t he take responsibility, or at the very least tell me it wasn’t all my fault that I almost killed my tractor.

It took me a few hours, and getting away from the scene, finally, to come to a new realization.

I wanted my husband to be the perfect HOH, or the perfect Daddy Dom, or the perfect hubby. I wanted him to always be strong and push me to my limits. But I also wanted him to turn on a dime, and be overly compassionate and extra sweet and take all the blame when I did something that made me feel bad.

That’s what I do in the stories I write. It’s what I like in the books I read. It’s a little too perfect for real life, though.

My final realization was that he was treating me like an equal. If he didn’t respect me, or if he thought I was just an idiot with no common sense, he would have taken the responsibility on himself. He wouldn’t have been so angry, if he hadn’t truly been blindsided by my abilities. This means he has faith in me.

He always tells me that—that he knows I can do anything I put my mind to.

On some levels, it’s annoying. Sometimes, I want Daddy Hubby to take over.

But does he need to?

All the time?

No. I would hate it. And he realizes this.

For the record, he came home and hugged me, smacked my bottom for not hugging him back, and told me, “I feel worse about you feeling bad.” (it was the closest I was getting to an apology, so I took it.)

“Good.” Was my grumbled reply.

Then we laughed and hugged again, and it was over.

We’ll get that part fixed at some point. But for now, we can move on.

He still has to fix my first attempt at a toothpick bridge with my daughter.

I can’t have it both ways. And realistically, I guess I don’t want it both ways. But I do love the combination on occasion.

Hugs and blessings❤

To Know You

To know you-JP x600.jpg


Title: To Know You

Author: Jaye Peaches

Genre: Contemporary BDSM Romance

Published date: 13 July 2016

Tagline: Dominance isn’t always about love – until Gemma meets Jason.


What happens when a kink loving woman has to come to terms with a traumatic episode in her life? Can the broken submissive learn to trust again?

When Gemma Marshall resigns from a good job to work as a lowly intern in the heart of the City of London, immediately, the elusive company boss, Jason Lucas, seduces her.

Following a whirlwind of weekend trysts at his country mansion, Jason’s need to dominate her re-awakens her terrifying nightmares and leads to revelations from both of them.  What Jason seeks is an enduring relationship which means Gemma, if she wishes to win his heart and soul, has to return to the extraordinary life she’d left behind.

Can Gemma survive another relationship with an alluring master of the bedroom or will she finally turn her back on her natural desires?

Their passionate and highly erotic affair reaches crisis point when her ex-lover hunts her down, seeking retribution.

To Know You is a fictional account of two people who begin a journey together. It is a complete story.  Both characters are sexy and know what they want. Neither are novices, neither expect love in their relationship. One takes control and the other yields. In the bedroom, there are the erotic scenes of BDSM, discipline and romance.  The dynamic can be intoxicating—and dangerous.

(Previously published as Trust Me to Know You)

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Excerpt 1 (sexy)

I rested my back on the bed as he took off my stockings. He slowly rolled them down while snaking his finger behind. I giggled at the ticklish sensation. Sliding back up my torso, he leaned over me, placed his hands on either side of my head and pinned me down, not with his weight, but the intensity of his blue eyes. A little end of day stubble was visible on his chin.

I’m thirty-one years old, I’ve had plenty of girlfriends, lovers or whatever you want to call them,” Jason said. “I work hard. Play hard. Such a life doesn’t foster long term relationships, especially not conventional ones.” He traced his forefinger down my cheek, and the soft caress ignited me further.

What did all that mean? Was tonight just a one-night stand? I was too fired up to query his comment.

Sure, Jason,” I hadn’t said his name before then, now I relished the syllables—Jason Lucas.

He started with his lips, tongue, and fingers. They moved everywhere. Kneading, nibbling, squeezing, licking and oh my, kissing my neck. I touched his head and raked my fingers through his hair, enjoying the freedom to explore. His hair might be blond at the ends, but the roots were dark, particularly where the strands lay thickest and across his crown.

There is no bald patch, Gemma. If that’s what you’re looking for.”

I flinched and snatched my hands away.

He was grinning, reassuringly happy. “I’m not contagious you know,” he said pleasantly.

I returned to my own sensual exploration. The second time, his muscular shoulders and arms warranted my attention. He obviously worked out—his biceps bulged and his pectorals were gorgeously defined. Yet, he managed to stay lean and trim, especially his waistline. All this stunning physique, on show for me, had been hidden away behind his suits and shirts. What girl wouldn’t find him heart meltingly attractive and he was beneath my hands.

He snapped my bra cups down and teased my nipples with his teeth. I groaned as he sucked each one in turn—hard—before circling his tongue around the hard pebble. With no subtleness, he eased his hand down under the front of my knickers and beamed at his discovery. I sucked in a lungful of air as he poked his fingertip inside me.

You are one wet girl,” Jason laughed and with his nose following the contours of my body, he started to glide towards my juice soaked pussy, ready to investigate.

I giggled and attempted to shrug my shoulders. “Can’t think why!” I felt pumped with adrenaline.

Kneeling on the floor, without blinking, nor loss of fluidity of movement, he dragged my knickers off, and flicked them over his shoulder. I shrieked as he buried his head between my legs and fluttered his tongue at my swollen clitoris, lashing my exposed clitoris with his precise tongue. I wriggled and writhed, unable to hold still. He cupped my arse cheek and squeezed it, sending ripples of excitement across my butterfly filled belly. With a gasp, I let my surrender deepened.

Excerpt 2

I’d taken on a different persona, too—my sassy and self-assured one. She knew what she liked and had the experience to keep her advantage in the conversation. When it came to dictating my tastes, preferences and limits, he’d no say in the matter. As a good dominant he listened, questioned and acknowledged what he heard. Once all was agreed he was in charge and I would let him do as he wished. I created the a la carte menu—he would pick the dishes.

Had he liked my bolshie approach? He certainly smiled a great deal during the proceedings.

I’d told him no piercing, bloodletting nor electric play. Public humiliation was a no for me too. “I assume privacy is important to you, Jason,” I’d pointed out.

He’d smiled wryly. “Depends on your definition of public.”

Something told me I’d find out. I curled my feet up underneath my legs and we moved on.

Nettles?” He raised his eyebrows.

They make a nice soup I believe.” I tossed my hair over my shoulder.

He tapped the pen on the paper. “Ah, bloody, ah!”

I rolled my eyes. “Well, I admit, I sat on some for a few minutes, once upon a time.” I grimaced at the recollection.


It fucking hurt, what do you think, that’s what,” I paused. “I could try again.” I ventured with a little grin.

He smiled and marked the paper with a sweeping tick. “Good.”

Why the keenness?”

Very useful for training subs who like to masturbate without permission.” The smile turned into a smirk.

I will endeavour to avoid that then.”

The training or the masturbation?” He twirled the pen through his long fingers.

Both perhaps,” I teased.

Excerpt 3

Stand up and turn around.”

He snapped the handcuffs over my wrists and sliding his finger around the metal clasp, he checked they weren’t too tight. Taking my arm, he lowered me over his lap, so my head rested on the divan and my legs dangled on the other side.

I’m going to spank you, and then I’m going to tease you out for a while. We know each other well, but not with toys. I want you to enjoy the spanking and come for me. If the pain becomes too much I want you to tell me. We could try a one to ten scoring system to help you ease back into receiving pain if it helps you?”

I’m all right, sir. Erotic spankings I can manage.”

Oh my, I shut my eyes and waited.

His hand landed across my bottom right on the sit-spot and I jumped slightly. It smarted—a rude awakening from my spanking hiatus. After a few more smacks, he stroked my cheeks, making small circles to disperse the raw heat.

How’s that?” he asked.

About five, sir.”

Exactly where I want it.”

After Jason had repeated another set of spanks and rubs, he parted my legs and touched my folds. A multitude of goose bumps rose up in reply and I moaned. From the moment we entered the room, I wanted to come. Before he’d brought me in here, after our long discussion about sex toys, limits, scenes I’d experienced and bondage preferences, I was a desperate smoldering wreck of neediness running at full throttle.

You’re very responsive to my touch. I like this.”

Beneath my hips, his cock had risen and I felt the bulge. Jason was happy, oh yes!

He continued spanking me for several minutes. The blows weren’t excessively painful, on the contrary, the heated sensation was sensual and affecting. He accompanied the smacks with his teasing fingers, probing and massaging my tender parts. I started to build, heading towards the release my coiled body needed so badly. He inserted two fingers inside my drenched pussy and moved them in and out rhythmically.

I own this, Gemma. Your body belongs to me. When we aren’t together, I still own you, all of you. You’re mine.”

The words might have seemed harsh to a novice sub—controlling and demanding, but to me, they were enduringly seductive.

Excerpt 4

Are you going to fire me, sir?” I whispered, hoping to placate him quickly. “Punish me?” I didn’t want it. But there again, it worked. It moved things on. When done right, except, I still wasn’t sure if he understood how much trust I placed in his integrity.

Jason sighed, and perched on his desk. “No. The situation is under control. Managers have been slapped back into line. I’m not going to fire you. It’s obvious you didn’t intend to make mischief and I don’t think it would help your career. I want this, us, to work, which means I will punish you—I’m not going to fire your arse, like I warned you I would.” Gone were the unpleasant tones of an angry boss. Something else switched into play—husky, stern and bizarrely warming. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Striding to the door, he bolted it, locking us in. “I want you to stand facing the wall, over there, nose against it while you compose yourself.”

I trembled, my heart pounding, as I carried out his instructions. I was strangely excited—punishment in an office was a fantasy of mine—except the fantasy was really happening. What was he going to do to me? Wedged in the corner, my legs wobbled.

Eventually, he issued his next command. “Drop your skirt and knickers off.”

Inhaling deeply, I shuffled out of my skirt and slipped out of my knickers, leaving behind my stockings and high heels. I picked the clothes up and laid them on one of the chairs.

Jason selected a chair and moved it away from the conference table. Sitting on it, he waved me over with his forefinger, while with the other hand he undid his tie and pulled it out from under his collar. With a flick of his wrist, he loosened the top button.

Turn around,” he instructed, and he used his necktie to bind my wrists. Holding my arm by the elbow, he lowered me across his lap, then hooked his leg over and trapped my thighs. He pressed down on the small of my back with the flat of his hand.

I’m going spank you, Gemma, hard. This is a punishment,” a soft yet stern tone, “Why am I punishing you?”

Because I was indiscreet, Sir,” I murmured. Underneath his hand, he must have been able to feel my racing heartbeats.

I closed my eyes and waited. The smack swept across both cheeks. He’d kept his palm rigid and flat, swiping up from right to left. Pain radiated out immediately and I gasped. While I gritted my teeth, more swipes followed. I hung my head and attempted to concentrate on processing the pain.

Author Bio:

I’m an author of erotic D/s romances including Amazon bestsellers. All my books contain an element of BDSM, spankings or erotic games of sensual exploration. If you desire a little thrill, something to entice, then please take the time to read one of my books. Thank you!

When not writing, I’m busy spending time with her family, enjoying music, sometimes drawing and if the weather allows, gardening.

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Manic Readers



So first, of course, the obvious question. How did you become a writer?

By accident more than design. I’ve always enjoyed writing since a young child. I filled exercise books with stories and diaries, so when my previous job ended six years ago, I had more time to take my hobby further. By then, I’d already penned a few spanking stories, and had ideas for more. My secret life as a kinky writer as Jaye Peaches wasn’t realised until I’d drafted nine books. To Know You was the first of these and this new version has been especially re-edited to celebrate my third year as an author.

Tell me about your latest release.

I wanted to combine the escapism of wealth – the playground for writing fantasies without boundaries – with the real-life world of domination and submission. The heroine, Gemma, isn’t a novice submissive with little experience, nor is she interested in romance. I didn’t want to write about the awakenings of virgin submissive who stumbles upon kink through a romantic relationship, instead I wanted to drop the reader straight into her life as a kink-loving individual who is independent and determined. The premise of the story is that she had a terrible experience and can’t believe she will ever be another dominant’s submissive. Jason, the aloof businessman, is at heart a caring man who initially wants to re-kindle what she has lost, only to find he needs more than her submission. The book isn’t simply about a submissive’s journey, but a dominant’s too. He has to adapt his dominance to meet her needs.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Letting go of the characters. In the end, I didn’t. I wrote an ending, a conclusion to the story that leaves the reader satisfied, then continued to write more about the couple. I enjoyed watching – or should that be imagining – how they developed and ensuring I remained true to their story.

Are you like any of your heroines?

Some have interests I share – Gemma is an artist, and I love to draw. In another book, Perfect Notes, I describe the relationship between to musicians. I’m also a musician. As for the kink? I prefer to keep my private life, private.

How many books have you written? Are they all spanking fiction?

I’ve published twenty books, and written more. Most involve spanking, either as part of a domestic relationship or in the context of BDSM. Those books that don’t contain spanking are D/s romances and involve some degree of kinkery, usually bondage.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I never know if I should tell people I’m a writer or an author. To me, anyone can be a writer, if they take pleasure in using words and communicating ideas or fantasies. As a published author, probably this year was the first I consider myself a professional writer. I finally bought a web domain and had to register myself as a tax payer! That makes it feel more real.

What are your current projects?

I’ve a paranormal Highland spanking romance that is in its final stages. I’ve taken two minor characters from a previous book and developed their own story. I’ve recently started work on another Sci-Fi spanking book and have contemporary paranormal story that is lurking in the background. I also have entirely vanilla projects constantly on the go.

You were just given a yacht. What would you name it?

It would have to be Sublime, because it’s the name of the luxury yacht in one of my books – Sublime Trust.

Protecting Teagan


**Protecting Teagan is a crossover novella of SEAL of Protection Series from Susan Stoker and SEAL Team Phantom of Elle Boon**

WLK synopsis

Dallas “Boomer” Holt and his fellow SEAL team members have been in many situations that required them to put their lives on the line, but their latest mission included two other SEAL teams. Michael “Wolf” Steel and his team, along with Rocco and his team are needed to pull a lone American woman dubbed, “The Hollywood Princess”, from an ISIS stronghold without causing a national incident. After weeks in captivity with men who think nothing of using and abusing prisoners, the teams know the woman they save…may not be anything like the one who was taken.

An unknown location, too many variables they hadn’t counted on, and a female hostage who’d never faced a day, let alone weeks of torture…all of these things and more are what the SEALs, will have to overcome in order to complete their mission and bring their target home safe.

When a mission takes more than one team, a little help from fellow Navy SEALs who all share the same motto is always a good thing. Having three teams who believe in the saying “Failure is not an option” ensures they will get the job done, one way or another. Failure is not an option.



WLK Author Bio



Elle Boon lives in Middle-Merica as she likes to say…with her husband, two kids, and a black lab who is more like a small pony. She’d never planned to be a writer, but when life threw her a curve, she swerved with it, since she’s athletically challenged. She’s known for saying “Bless Your Heart” and dropping lots of F-bombs, but she loves where this new journey has taken her.

She writes what she loves to read, and that is romance, whether it’s erotic, Navy SEALs, or paranormal, as long as there is a happily ever after. Her biggest hope is that after readers have read one of her stories, they fall in love with her characters as much as she did. She loves creating new worlds, and has more stories just waiting to be written. Elle believes in happily ever afters, and can guarantee you will always get one with her stories.

Connect with Elle online, she loves to hear from you:


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Mercury Rising: 7even Circles (7even Circles Series Book 2)

Mercury Rising: 7even Circles (7even Circles Series Book 2) by KD Jones
She was born from the light and forged in the fires of hell to be a warrior.
At least that’s what Cassandra Adira Knight was told and is being thoroughly trained for.
But how is she supposed to fight demons and save the world when she can’t even figure out which guy she wants to be with? It doesn’t help at all that her best friend is not talking to her, and that dead bodies start showing up.
Cass better get her shit together because…7even Circles is here and the mercury is rising.
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Sylvia Take Charge

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Title: Sylvia Take Charge

Author: Holla Dean

Blurb: Sylvie and Bill Morgan have a happy marriage–for the most part. From time-to-time, Sylvie worries that Bill might be taking advantage of her late husband’s hard-earned money by gambling and squandering it away. Sure, Sylvie had some bad habits her first husband had to break her of, but bending her over his knee for her naughty and disobedient ways turned her into a dutiful wife.

But when loan sharks come knocking and Bill’s debt is worse than ever before, Sylvie decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Determined to convince Bill that spanking has beneficial results, she does everything she can to show him that it’s not “glorified abuse.” After Bill gets more tuned in than ever, it’s his turn to remind Sylvie that “what’s good for the goose is even better for the gander.”


She pushed him away and stepped back.

“I’m not ready to forgive you, Bill. I can’t keep doing this. Do you have any idea how much money you owe my family trust? That’s all money I hoped to leave to my son and his children. I’m not bailing you out again.”

Guilt washed over him again and he reached out for her, but she turned back to making the salad.

“Look, I know I fucked up. I know I owe you a lot of money. It’s just that it always seems like such a sure thing when I make a bet.”

She turned back to face him and lashed out, “But it never is, is it? It’s always a loss. A loss the family trust of my dead husband has to cover. Poor Donald would be so upset if he knew how I was spending the money he worked so hard to save so his family would be provided for.”

Sylvie burst out crying and Bill felt smaller than he’d ever felt before. He did this to her. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he was ruining everything. He wouldn’t blame her if she walked out on him.

“Honey, come on, please don’t cry. I’m so sorry I did this. I promise it’ll never happen again.”

This time she let him gather her in his arms, but she said, “You’ve made that same promise before. I don’t believe it anymore.”

“This time I mean it. Really. I do mean it. Tell me how I can make it up to you. I’ll do anything you want.”

What she really wanted to do was make him bend over the table and spank his butt until it was bright red. She raised her head and looked up at him.

“Really? You’d do anything?”

“You name it, babe, and I’ll do it.”

Okay, she thought to herself, let’s see if he really means it.

“Drop your pants and bend over the kitchen table. I’m going to spank you.”

“What?” he chuckled first and then laughed out loud. “You want to spank me?”

“Yes, I do. You said you’d do anything to make it up to me. I want you to bend over the table, butt naked, and I’m going spank you.”

“Aw, come on, honey. Just because that’s how Donald handled things doesn’t mean that’s what we have to do.”

“This has nothing to do with Donald and how he handled things.”

“When you told me how he used to spank you, I said I’d never raise a hand to you. I’m surprised at you, Sylvie.”

“You just don’t understand how it was. It wasn’t what you think or you wouldn’t have used that ‘raise a hand to you’ phrase. He didn’t beat me. He just had rules and if I broke them, I was punished. You made a promise not to get in over your head with gambling and you broke that promise so you should be punished and I think a spanking would be the perfect answer.”

She waited while he thought all that over and was pretty sure he wasn’t going to agree to it. He probably thought taking her dinner or buying her a bunch of flowers should be enough to appease her.


He didn’t like to see his wife so worked up. He’d seen her angry before, but not with this amount of agitation. What he did like, was how Sylvia had defended him to her friend. That made him feel good.

“So when you say you want to hit something, what exactly did you have in mind?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to slug you.”

A thought popped into his head as he rubbed her back trying to soothe her. The idea surprised him and he wasn’t sure that he should even joke about it to her, but if it helped calm her down then he’d be willing to try it.

“You know, a lot of times when people feel like you do and they act on it, they do end up feeling better.”

“You want me to slug you?”

“No, not slug me,” he chuckled briefly at the absurdity of what he was about to suggest. “But if you think it would help, you could get your hair brush and pound away on my ass until you’re rid of all that frustration you have bottled up.”

Sylvie pulled her head back and looked up at him, “You want me to spank you with my hairbrush? I’m upset with Susanna, not you.”

He lifted one shoulder in a half shrug, “I don’t know if I’d use the word want, but if you think that would be a good outlet to vent your anger, I’d be willing.”

She seemed to be mulling it over for a time, looking up at him a few times as if to try and judge if he was serious.

“I really do want to hit something. I want to break something. I’m just so angry that she said

those things about you. But I don’t feel right taking it out on your behind.”

“I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but if it makes it so you can let go of the anger, let’s do it.”

She gave a short nod, pushed herself away from him, and in her stern voice said, “Go to the bedroom, take off your clothes and lie down on the bed.”

He took a deep breath hoping he knew what he was doing and said, “Yes, Ma’am.”


Bill drove aimlessly around, thinking about what Sylvie’s life must have been like in her first marriage. What did she call it? Domestic discipline? Domestic bullshit was more like it to his way of thinking. Children need discipline, adults needed nothing more than self-control.

She swore it wasn’t abuse. She said it helped her grow up, helped her break some of her bad habits. It still sounded like bullshit to him.

He remembered the day he’d bent over the table and let her wallop his ass with her hairbrush. He could laugh about it now, but it hadn’t felt very funny at the time it was happening. It had seemed like the thing to do—let her spank his ass to get the mad out of her system. And it worked. She’d stopped haranguing him about the gambling. He’d taken a break from the gambling.

Well, that was only because they were so busy getting ready to sell her house, buy another one, pack up and get ready to move. Still, they’d talked it out, agreed on a gambling budget, and supposedly went happily on with life.

He was the one that blew it. Damn it, why couldn’t he just stay within the budget? Why couldn’t he be more responsible? Was it true that he’d shirked his financial obligations since marrying Sylvie and her somewhat cushy situation with the way her first husband had set her up?

Aw, shit. It was true. The best thing that had come along in his nearly sixty years of living, and he was fucking it all up.

She was right, he deserved to get an ass pounding. But what did that make him? A pussy-whipped man? A man who let his wife call the shots? What kind of man allowed his wife to spank him? As old as he was, he knew there were more kinds of relationships than most people could imagine. There were men who were submissive, and men who were so-called Alpha males.

He considered himself to be neither. He was a middle of the road kind of guy. Yeah, he’d stand up and protect someone from harm or take control of a situation if he needed to. But he didn’t have a driving need to be in charge—to be in control.

Nor was he someone who let anyone tell him what to do. That’s what made pharmaceutical sales so great for him. He’d never last at a job where he had a boss standing over his shoulder all day. Being in the field was perfect for him. All he had to do was make the sales, and for him, that was a cinch.

He did like his home life with Sylvie to be happy and peaceful. He was willing to make some compromises to keep his wife happy. That’s what made a marriage work, right?

An easy going kind of guy, that’s what he was. Yep, and it was time he went home, faced the music, and took his lumps. Like a real man.

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Author Bio/info:

Holla Dean lives in Arizona with her husband. Her kids are grown and there is no empty nest syndrome going on in her house. She has nearly twenty books published and is always working on the next book. Some books involve domestic discipline, some of them are just fun spanking stories. Check out her author page on Amazon – amazon.com/author/holladean

The Alpha’s Promise by Renee Rose (Book 2 in The Alpha’s Heat Series)




Title: The Alpha’s Promise by Renee Rose (Book 2 in The Alpha’s Heat Series)

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Length: 55K

Link: http://books2read.com/alphaspromise



After one loser boyfriend too many, Melissa Bell swore she was done with bad boys, but when her ex puts her life in danger it is a buff, tattooed, dirty-talking alpha shifter who shows up to save her. More disturbing still, her rescuer makes it clear that he regards Melissa’s safety as his personal responsibly, and defying his instructions soon earns her an embarrassing spanking. Though she should be furious, her body’s reaction to the tough, handsome wolf’s stern dominance demands more.

It doesn’t take long for Cody to wish he’d never made an alpha’s promise to protect Melissa, yet for some reason, he can barely control himself around her. His inner wolf craves the beautiful human in spite of her snobbish attitude and constant sass, and when she is writhing over his knee, it is all he can do not to mark her and mate her right then and there.

Each moment he spends with the alluring, feisty girl only increases his hunger for her, but Cody promised himself long ago that he would never take a human as his mate. Will his pride push Melissa away forever, just when he realizes he can’t live without her?

Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Promise is a stand-alone sequel to The Alpha’s Hunger. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

***Sale! ***

The Alpha’s Hunger, Book 1 in the Alpha Dom series in on sale for just $.99 Nov. 21-28th. Universal buy link: http://books2read.com/u/m0zvA0


Hey, wolves establish dominance physically. I don’t know the shifter you’re with, but try to be respectful and obedient.”

She snorted, looking over at Cody, who had crossed his arms over his massive chest, watching her with those assessing grey eyes.

Respectful and obedient?

For that ill-mannered asshole? Fat chance.

I’m serious, Mel. He promised Ben to keep you safe. If you interfere with his efforts, he’s probably going to punish you. Physically.”

Her pussy clenched again. But that wasn’t right. It was Ashley who was into the authority figure type, not her. She just did bad boys. Or used to. Now she was doing suits and ties. Business owners or CPA’s. Or maybe a nice lawyer. A dentist, even.

Still, curiosity compelled her to ask, “How, exactly?”

Ashley sounded slightly embarrassed. “Like a spanking. Or whipping. Hopefully nothing worse. But…I’m pretty sure Ben just sanctioned that in the name of keeping you safe, so just keep your head down and do what he says until this blows over, okay?”

Like hell, she would. And who did Ben think he was sanctioning her corporal punishment? She couldn’t stop herself from looking over at Cody again. Her pussy felt hot and wet under her skirt. An image of that scary tattooed man pushing her over the seat of his motorcycle and spanking her ass cherry red flashed before her mind and she flushed and turned away.

His nostrils flared and he shot her a surprised look. The edges of his lips curled.

Holy hell. Did he read minds?


Excerpt  (X rated)

What happens to bad girls, princess?”

She answered with a moan.

He withdrew the fingers from her ass, but kept teasing her clit, using her ample natural lubrication to slick the way. With his right hand, he slapped her ass. “I asked you a question.”

They get spanked!” she cried.

He chuckled. “Yes they do. Every time. And where do they get fucked?”

She moaned again.

He spanked again.

In the ass! They get fucked in the ass.”

That’s right, baby. Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?”

She whimpered. “No.”

He stilled the fingers on her clit.

Yes. Yes, I do.”

I thought so. It will teach you a good lesson. One you sorely need.”

He shoved his jeans off and lubed up his cock. “You want my cock in your ass?”

Yes. No. I don’t know.”

Yes, sir is the proper answer.”

Yes, sir.”

He pushed the head of his cock against her anus. “Please put your cock in my ass and teach me a lesson.”

No-o,” she moaned, squeezing her anus against the intrusion.

Take it,” he ordered, adding a little steel to his voice.


About Renee Rose

USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes kinky BDSM and spanking romance novels. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won The Romance Reviews Best Historical, Sci-Fi and BDSM awards, Spanking Romance Reviews‘ Best Historical, Erotic, Ageplay and favorite author, and was a finalist for The BDSM Writer’s Con Golden Flogger award. She’s hit #1 on Amazon in multiple categories in the U.S. and U.K., is often found on the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Authors and has been a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams. To receive four free books from Renee, sign up for her mailing list here.

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