Taking In Dani



Title: Taking in Dani

Author: Kara Kelley

Release Date: January 13, 2017


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Dani Torkaz has no room in her life for a romance with anyone, let alone with ‘God’s gift to women’ Adam Fiori, but everything changes when circumstances compel her to accept a job as a nanny to his two young children.

Adam makes it clear that he will have no patience for rudeness, and it isn’t long before her sharp tongue earns Dani a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking. The stern punishment sets more than just her backside on fire, however, and she is left begging to be taken hard and thoroughly.

As she settles into her new position, Dani finds herself feeling like she is part of a real family for the first time in her life, and her lust for her stern, handsome boss begins to blossom into love. But Adam has secrets he isn’t sharing, and Dani has been hurt too many times to give him the benefit of the doubt. Can he win her trust before the wounds of the past destroy their future?

Publisher’s Note: Taking in Dani includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Excerpts for Taking in Dani

Excerpt 1:

You were right,” he says. “This isn’t going to work.” His eyes are unsure, and flicker heat, but the weight of his words crush my chest. I can’t believe I managed to screw things up so quickly. Jenny and I will be living in a cockroach infested apartment by the end of the week. Without Adam on my side, Tahlia will throw me out on my ass.

I’m fired?” I say numbly, blinking at him. I wasn’t a bitch to anyone else, why him? Was I just trying to prove he couldn’t be trusted—like every other man in my life, except Ollie?

Fired?” He tilts his head. “Oh, Daniela.” He reaches forward and tucks my hair behind my ear, caressing my cheekbone with his thumb. “I told you I would never solve things between us that way.” He sighs. “It isn’t working because I want to hold you—take care of you. I want to fuck you. And I want to put you over my knee all at the same time.” He shovels his hand through his hair and looks away for a moment. “I have no control with you.”

That makes two of us,” I say softly. “I feel like a crazy person around you.”

His head snaps back so he can look at me. I see all of the things he’s said in his stare—care, sexual frustration, and irritation. It makes my eyes well and the apex of my thighs drip.

That is the most honest thing you’ve ever said to me.” He sighs again. “Resisting you was easier when I saw you in small doses—a ride in the elevator, a glimpse down the hall, the smell of your shampoo in the lobby. Having tasted you didn’t satisfy me at all.” His jaw clenches. “I’m craving you all the more.”

His words strum my insides like a musician strums his most cherished guitar. I’m speechless. I’ve never had such conflicting emotions. I hate him. He is frivolous and cold towards his children; he dismisses people—thinking they are beneath him, and he sets off warning bells inside me. On the other hand, I’ve never been so attracted to anyone in my entire life. The way he looks at me with deep concern and care is like a being given a nutrient I’ve been deprived of and desperately need to survive, but it’s the desire he evokes in me that causes me to feel like a starving beast. His heated looks touch so deep, they feel corporeal. He is firm and gentle all at the same time. He pushes and pulls me like the tide, both drowning and saving in the same moment.

But that isn’t even what I meant when I said this wasn’t going to work.”

Oh?” I mutter, feeling vulnerable.

My walls are down, and all the precious things I hide from not only the world, but myself as well, are exposed. My muddled thoughts are suspended and floating in my brain to be dealt with later. “And what did you mean?”

You’re exhausted working two jobs.” He takes both my hands. Numbly, I let him. “Take a vacation. I’ll double your wage right now.”

My jaw drops. It’s ridiculous. I’m already overpaid. For heaven sakes, he pays me more than Ollie did. What is his game?

No.” I pull my hands back. He blinks, shocked, so I continue. “You already pay me too much.”

If it means never hearing you tear a strip off me for being four minutes late again, it’ll be worth it.” There is a glimmer of humor in his eyes, but everything else is serious about him.

I’m sorry. I overreacted, and I should never have done that in front of Nadia.”

You’re right.” His mouth is pressed, his stare hard, and his brows knitted. “But you’re exhausted and I won’t ever punish you when you aren’t in the right frame of mind.”

I look down in guilt and he places a finger on my chin, pulling my eyes back to his.

But make no mistake, Daniela, you will be spanked for it.” I swallow hard again.

Was there some point I agreed to this with him? I can’t remember. I do, however, remember very vividly the last time he spanked me. I also know from the center of my being, it’s exactly what I need.

Knowing he offers what I need evokes so many emotions. My crusty exterior melts and I lean into his hard chest. The words, I need you to take care of me tonight, slip from my lips. I’m not even sure I’ve said them aloud until he grabs my ass and lifts me onto the counter top.

He fits between my legs and I feel his rock-hard cock against my already swollen-with-arousal clit. His hands cradle my face, and his eyes smolder as he leans close to kiss me. I’m not sure what to expect. Will he kiss me roughly like before? My belly flutters. He doesn’t though—his mouth is soft, gentle and persuasive. I’m caught up in a mating of tongues, but I note our bodies mold so tightly together I’m not sure where either of us begin or end.

He lifts me again, and I wrap my legs tightly around him. He takes us to my room. I try to break our kiss to tell him which one, but he knows and refuses to release my mouth. He sits me down gently onto the modern four poster bed. I’m held by his eyes as if they have powers beyond human.

He guides my arms above me, and his large smooth hands run down them to my ribs and then to my waist. When he slides them up again, my pink scrub top goes with them. His touch against my bare skin ignites a blast of heat within me. My insides bubble and squirm, as if brought to a boil by his touch. I’m in nothing but scrub pants and a sports bra as he takes a long minute to look at me. I feel shy but so wet and ready for his deeper touch that I don’t focus on it.

His tongue darts out, and he licks his bottom lip. I stand and repeat the move using my tongue. He moves me back, smiles and pulls the string holding my pants up. They slip down, and he wastes no time grabbing my bottom in his hands——first a squeeze, then a rub and then he caresses down and pulls my right leg up leaving my pants behind. With my leg still hitched on his hip, his hand finds the elastic band of my panties. His fingers slip inside, and I gasp. As his touch becomes more intimate, I clamp my teeth over my lip to keep from calling out. He spins us and before I know what’s happening, he’s sitting on the bed, and I’m straddling his left knee. I cling to him as he plays a torturous game between my folds—sliding his fingers in the slippery wetness he’s created. He stops, and instantly I feel myself clenching in his absence as if my body is reaching out for him. A sharp swat stings my left cheek and my breath hitches.

Tonight isn’t about punishment,” he says. “That will come, but tonight, this is what you need.” He growls and bites my shoulder hard enough to make me whimper but not enough to leave a mark.

Excerpt 2:

Fiori is asleep, slumped on his expensive leather sofa with his phone still gripped in his hand. I swallow hard as I shut the door as quietly as I can. He starts awake and scrubs his unshaven face with both hands before he sits up and looks at me.

What time is it?” he asks groggily.

Seven,” I answer and set my purse on the little table by the door.

Seven A.M.?” His eyes clear and his mouth presses in a firm hard line. “Where the hell were you last night?” he asks, his voice stabs me right in the diaphragm and crotch.

He’s angry— blood-boiling angry. “When did you get home?”

I walked to Fran’s after work.” I didn’t think it was possible for his eyes to burn angrier but they do. “I didn’t come home.”

You walked at eleven at night and stayed over without bothering to tell me you weren’t coming home? You knew I was waiting for you.”

I feel bad today, Adam. Last night I was too angry to care that you were waiting for me. Don’t push me back into pissy.” I walk briskly to the kitchen and start the coffee.

Apparently too angry to regard your safety, too,” he adds and yanks my arm to pull me to face him. I grit my teeth and glare at his hand on my arm. His jaw looks painfully tight, as well, but I don’t back down. He releases me suddenly and gathers a breath.

I’m going to be late for a meeting, but I’m telling you right now, this isn’t over. In fact, it isn’t even close to started!” His hand finds my chin and forces my eyes to his. “You can be mad all you want, but we both know you were wrong. My mistake came from a place of care and concern and yours was vindictive and inconsiderate.”

I swallow. Adam’s right. I swear under my breath and look away.

That’s right, little girl, you know it too.” He stalks off, and I take a moment to breathe before continuing to make coffee. He’s back before the machine even begins to percolate. He grabs me roughly again and this time, he doesn’t release me while he opens a drawer and pulls out a wooden spoon. He pushes my front against the counter and the spoon splats against my scrub-clad bottom. The material is thin and the spoon unforgiving—full force, I’m sure. I gasp and bite my squeals, thinking of the children on the other side of the condo. My fingers turn white as I grip the counter.

Adam, the kids!” I manage through a hissed breath, but then I’m squeezing my eyes tightly and squirming to avoid yet another punishing swat. He presses further on me to keep me still and then his hand reaches around the front of me to once again pull the string that keeps my bottoms up. I whimper and wish they wouldn’t betray me by slumping down my legs so easily—again.

I just checked. They’re asleep.” The spoon stings and bites my flesh and I have to lower my mouth to my forearm to cry out into it. I can’t wake the kids. I try to drop to avoid another punishing swat, but when I do, he pins me tighter. His swats increase and I start to sob dryly. He tosses the spoon in the sink and straightforwardly pulls my pants up. He spins me to face him, tying the strings quickly.

That was just a taste of what’s coming.” His words bite out through clenched teeth. He clasps my chin between a finger and thumb again and even though I can see he’s trying to ignore my tears there’s compassion in his eyes, too. “You are getting a hell of a thrashing when I get you alone.” I nod through blurring eyes. “I’ve never been so worried in my whole God-damned life!”

Okay. I’m sorry,” I say with a shudder. His hard look melts and he pulls me into his chest. He kisses my head and leans down to whisper into the crook of my neck.

You undo me, Daniela Torkaz. I don’t know how or why, but you do.” He pulls back and looks me in the eye. “I waited at your bus stop half the night,” he croaks, and I can’t help but dissolve into tears and snuggle as deep as I can into him. “Clara made a fortune.”

This time, when he pulls me back, I cling like an octopus. “Please,” I beg. “Don’t go. I need you.” I let out a small desperate cry. “I fight it, Adam, fight it so hard, but I do. God, I do! I need you.”

He grabs both my shoulders and lifts me to my toes so he can take my mouth. His is hot and demanding, and I yield to his forceful lips and tongue. I’m molten and dizzy with want. I grab for his clothes, and he handcuffs my wrists like he did before with one hand.

He shoves me roughly against his gargantuan high-end refrigerator keeping my hands pinned above my head and torments a nipple through my t-shirt making me writhe. His mouth follows and heat blast through both the material and my core. His hand burrows in my hair and yanks my face to his. As our mouths mate, he releases my wrists and grabs my sore ass with both hands pulling me up, so my center presses against his hard bulge. I bury my hands in his hair, and his face burrows into my neck. I’m ready to combust when I hear the big bag of blocks crash onto the floor.

The kids. The kids!” I whisper urgently. He drops my legs and cocks his brow. Adam’s gaze isn’t aimed at the living room where I’m sure Charlie is knee deep in blocks. It’s aimed at me.

Dani,” he pants. “We’ll finish this later. First the spanking of your life and then your ravaging.”

Nadia comes into the kitchen, and we both pretend to be busy. Me getting two mugs and him grabbing the cream from the fridge. She eyes us both skeptically. I note how disheveled Adam looks and know I’ve been pawed far more.

Good morning,” I say, still a little breathless. “What would you like for breakfast?”

Her brow quirks in the same high arch as Adam’s, but she finally walks out. “Charlie, what do you want for breakfast? It’s your choice today.” I hear Nadia ask. I let out a breath and lean my hip against the counter. Adam grins cheekily and hands me the spoon from the sink. “Bring that to your apartment.” When I look down at it in my hands, he swats my ass making me lurch from its tenderness. I rub it as he whistles out of the room.

Excerpt 3:

If I didn’t need this cake, you’d be wearing it,” I say.

Then you’d be spanked by a man wearing cake.” He takes my chin in his hand. “I’d be making you eat it, too.”

His words are terse and his eyes firm, but there is no mistaking the heat in them. My insides squirm. He kisses me hard at first and then soft and sweet. I feel the tension leave his mouth as mine becomes pliable and inviting.

Thank you for this,” he says as he pulls back slowly. He motions to the cake and gifts. “I don’t know how I’d manage without you.”

You’d fail miserably,” I say smartly with a cheeky grin.

You deserve a reward.” His brow arcs and I nod with deliberate slowness.

We should get this cake upstairs,” I suggest.

We should.”

Let’s then.”

Kids are at the park.” He pulls his cell out of his pocket and holds up a text from Clara. It says, ‘@ the park.’

But pizza,” I gasp as he seizes my sore ass and yanks me against him.

Is it going to my place or here?” He starts nibbling my neck.

They’re both yours,” I say sarcastically but point up.

He looks at me and his expression firms. I swallow as the weak-kneed feeling hits. He stops touching me, looks me straight in the eye and with a quick tap of his cell phone, puts it to his ear.

Fred, send the pizza delivery to my guest suite.” He ends the call and dives into the hollow of my neck again. When I squirm and tighten my shoulders he growls, grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back. Not rough, but forceful, and I grow wetter. I clutch his biceps and gasp at his untamed look.

Hands behind your back,” he orders. When I hesitate, mesmerized by my body’s physical reaction to him, he swats my ass. I obey and he clasps a hand around my wrists.

Come with me, little girl.” He guides me backward towards the dining table, his eyes devouring me, and hoists me on top.

I’ve always been partial to appetizers before dinner.” He takes my arms and raises them above my head and then slides my top up with tantalizing slowness. I shiver once again when it brushes against my nipples. He grins and flicks them first with his thumbs and then with his moist tongue. I grab for him, and he growls placing my hands back behind me.

Do you need incentive to do as you’re told, little girl?” His voice deepens as he speaks. It reverberates through my entire body, and I tingle and hum like the tines of a tuning fork. God, I love when he calls me little girl.

I look through my lashes demurely and shake my head. He sterns his expression and narrows his eyes in consideration. He gives me a peck then walks into the kitchen area grabbing a wooden spoon. The rooms are only separated by a breakfast bar, so my eyes follow him. I love the way he moves—so smoothly, so sure. When he’s back in front of me, he waves the spoon in my face before he sets it down with a clunk.

No moving without permission,” he says, and I stick out my bottom lip. He shocks me as he dives and clasps it between his teeth gently. He sucks, pulling it as deep into his mouth as possible. When he releases it, he snickers and pushes me to lie flat on the table. He bends my legs at the knee and then runs his hand across the crotch of my yoga pants. I gasp and push myself unabashedly against his palm. He circles the heel of his hand, and I moan. I’m panting and completely naked on the table when the pizza arrives. Adam flashes a wolfish grin.

Don’t move.” He pulls up his jeans, leaving the button precariously open. He slips his button-down shirt on but doesn’t do it up either. His chest is glorious and with the sheen of sweat on it, my heart flips between my legs.

No,” I whisper and attempt to sit up so I can grab something to cover myself. He tsks.

Nuh uh.” He hollers that he’s coming to the door and looks to me fiercely. “I’ll punish you if you move.” He is serious and yet I know he’s still playing. Nerves zip inside me. “I have some things at my place that I’m quite eager to try on you, Daniela Torkaz.”

The door opens in a way that blocks me from view but still leaves me feeling dangerously exposed and vulnerable. There is no real risk—just the thrilling illusion of it. Moisture pulses for him again. I can hear the guy talking to Adam — he’s so close—practically in the room. I worry my lip. And then I hold back an evil laugh and touch myself.

Hey, Adam,” I call, and he looks around the door with a fifty poised in his hand to see my fingers buried.

Oh.” His mouth freezes that way for a moment as he stares at my hand working myself. He disappears behind the door again. “Keep the change,” he says urgently, slamming the door. I’m starting to moan when he swears. I burst into giggles as he tosses the box and lunges at me.


I’m on my knees with him in my mouth and he’s snapping his belt across my ass at slow biting intervals when his phone buzzes. “We’ll continue this later.” He grabs my hair and pulls me off his cock. “Little girls that tease get punished, don’t they?” I nod and lick my swollen lips. I dress quickly ignoring the flutters his threat has caused. Like earlier, it’s the sexy dominant side of him threatening, not the loving man that spanks me for my own good, so it’s fun and hot.

About Kara Kelley:

Kara Kelley is a naughty Canuck (that’s a Canadian for those of you that don’t know), who loves spanks, a little bondage, tantalizing creative sex (trust me, honey this sh*t is gonna rock our world) and TIM HORTON’S. She’s full of playful mischief, loyalty and maybe some stubbornness, but she’ll never admit it. And she believes living in a secluded cabin in the woods (including good WIFI, a stocked Kindle, and plenty of chocolate) with her husband would be absolute bliss.

How to find Kara:






Justice For Violet

Thank you for hosting me for my latest release with Evernight Publishing, Justice for Violet – Retribution, 1. This book released on January 19. If your readers would like to they can post questions to me on Twitter by tagging me using @Maiadylanauthor and I will answer them as I see them.




There’s a war being fought on the streets of Chicago between an organized crime syndicate and a feline shifter pride resolute to stop them. Mason and Jacob Williams are Leopard shifters in the Black Ridge pride, fighting to protect the city they call home and avenge the loss of two of their own.

The shifters are sent to look for a woman their Alpha believes can help them. Thinking she’s in danger, they rush in to rescue her only to discover that Violet Riccitelli is not a woman in need of any assistance. While she’s kicking the ass of three potential attackers, they recognize her as their mate, the one they must protect above all else.

Violet is known to the people of Chicago as someone they can rely on to help when things get bad. But Violet sees herself as a woman out for justice against the man who took everything from her twelve years ago.

Can Mason and Jacob convince their mate that a future with them is worth risking everything, or will Violet’s need to see justice served end their chance before it’s begun?

**erotic romance, Paranormal, MFM, anal sex


AMAZON US: http://a.co/29bIPqY AMAZON UK: http://amzn.eu/4L6wRxP AMAZON CA: http://a.co/68W0krf AMAZON AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/d/B01MR7UGWY EVERNIGHT: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/justice-for-violet-by-m…/

READ THE FIRST CHAPTER HERE http://www.maiadylan.com/copy-of-template-4



The story…



“Come on, Mason,” Jacob wheedled. “We are heading in the right damn direction. I just want you to scent the air, and tell me if you can catch the scent that is driving my leopard crazy.”

Mason pushed away the anger that came with his train of thought and growled at his brother as they rounded the corner, and they were only a few feet from the entrance to the alleyway they had been directed to. “Jacob, I promise, as soon as we save this woman, I’ll inhale so deep my goddamn nose will bleed, but right now I need you on the same fucking page so that we can find this woman. The informant said she was calling out for help. We need to get to her and take care of the three assholes that are stalking her!”

The two of them stepped quickly into the alley and slammed to a stop. The scene that met them was so unexpected he blinked slowly a couple of times to check that what he was seeing was in fact real. A tall curvy female with long curly red hair was putting a beating on two men, who were both swearing and cursing at her, while she swung two lethal looking fighting batons with unerring accuracy.

The two men were wielding knives and threatening the woman with each step. If anything she seemed to be amused by their threats, and if Mason wasn’t mistaken, she was enjoying the hell out of the fight. Mason stepped forward when he saw the two bastards strike out at the same time, and one of them managed to connect with her upper arm. The woman frowned, and looked down at the leather that Mason could see was now wet with her blood.

“You son of a bitch,” the woman muttered. “I fucking hate sewing. So now, despite all the fun I am having, I’m going to have to end our little dance so I can go take care of it. Which is a shame because I was just starting to think we might have something building between us.” The woman then started moving with lethal intent, and Mason admired the skill and speed with which she moved. She—

“Mate,” Jacob suddenly growled, his eyes glowing amber as his leopard drew closer to the surface.

Mason frowned as he tilted his head into the air, inhaled then almost dropped to the ground. Beneath the usual stench of an inner city alley that some obviously mistook as a public restroom, the alluring scent of cinnamon and honey hit him right in the chest. His entire body hummed with recognition of the woman the fates had deemed theirs, and he had to hold himself in check to avoid losing his shit and allowing his leopard to leap out into the open.

Once he had his equilibrium back and the shock and wonder of finding what few of their kind ever did eased, he saw their mate land a killing blow to the temple of the last man standing. His leopard growled in pleasure as they watched him drop to the ground like a proverbial rock. He didn’t get back up.

The woman moved with fluid grace to face them, her body crouched in a fighting stance that told him their mate was well trained, batons at the ready, one above her head and one pointing in their direction. She looked up at him and Jacob, and Mason’s blood heated. She was

stunning. She had a figure that a man could get lost in for hours and still not get enough of. Her lips were full, and her unusual almond shaped eyes were such a dark blue in color they were almost purple. If this was the woman Kieran sent them to find, then Mason was pretty sure he wouldn’t be letting her go any time soon.

“Are you two friends with these assholes?” She pointed at the men at her feet. “If so, give me one minute and I’ll be sure to reunite you with them.”

Jacob stepped forward, holding his hands out in a non-threatening manner. “No, ma’am, we would never be friends with the likes of those two.”

The woman indicated to the side with a quick flick of her head. “Three. I tossed one of them in that dumpster for calling me the ‘c’ word. I can live with many insults, but that one really gets my blood boiling.” She relaxed out of the fighting stance she had been standing in, twirled the batons in the palms of her hands in an impressive show of expertise before she slid them into some kind of holster behind her. “Well, there is nothing left to see here. If you two aren’t with these corpses, then my job here is done.” She lifted her left foot and wiped her boot on the last man she’d dropped, then repeated the move with her other foot.

“Nice boots,” Mason said with a grin, completely taken with the kickass woman in front of him. The fact that their mate grinned back and flicked him an air kiss in response told him that the Fates had definitely chosen well. Any woman destined to be mated to two feline shifters had

to be strong, but one that was mated to protectors for their people, she needed to be able to kick ass and hold her own.



Five questions for the author

Q: Where did the idea for the Retribution trilogy come for?

A: I have said this before but you find inspiration everywhere and a story idea can strike at any time. The idea for Retribution came when I was driving home from work one day and as I sat waiting for the lights to change, I got the idea for a kickass female character, and this is where Violet came from. The rest of the story followed so that I had the three books plotted by the time I got home!

Q: Is Violet based on anyone in particular?

A: No, what happened was that I had a meeting that day with a contractor at my work and it had not gone well. I remember distinctly, imagining opening a large can of whoop-ass on the woman and in that day dream, I had a pair of fighting batons and used them like a ninja! So, when Violet came to me on my drive home, those batons had to be her fighting weapon of choice.

Q. Why do you always include a danger element to your books?

A. I write what I love to read. I love books that take you on a journey, but where the characters face a challenge that adds an element of urgency to them and to the book. As a reader, there is nothing I like more than getting that goose bump, hair rising on the back of my neck feeling as I join the characters within the book I am reading on the journey to solve their mystery. I want to give that to my readers.

Q. Do you have anything to say to your current readers or to those that haven’t yet read you work?

A. If you have read any of my books, thank you so very much! It blows my mind that someone has actually read something that I wrote, but gosh I hope you enjoyed it! Did you? Please let me know, I find I suffer from a slight case of needy-nelly with my writing. If you haven’t read my book, but you love erotic romance stories between strong men and an independent woman, where the path to their happily ever after can be a bumpy one, but there is always a happily ever after, and their love and laughter is real on every page, then you’ll find my books right up your alley!

Author bio:

Maia Dylan lives, loves and works in beautiful New Zealand. She married her best friend and they have two adorable, but stubborn children who obviously take after their father.

Maia’s career has featured a lot of travel, and she has filled her time at airports and in the air with books, books and more books. Her love of erotic paranormal romance has seen her amass a huge library. She has been an avid reader and lover of ménage romances since she read her first book in this genre about three years ago.

Outside of writing, Maia loves to eat, so she loves to cook! Her herb garden is legendary, but she still has issues getting tomatoes to grow. She’s been a performer for years, and has even sung on international stages, she would love to own a classic Ford Mustang one day and of course have the opportunity to race it on a race track without fear of a speeding ticket.

Although ultimately her dream is to be able to write full time on a sandy beach with a Mai Tai at hand, she is quite happy to fit her writing in when she can. As long as someone reads her books, gets a laugh and maybe come to love her characters and much as she does, then she feels that she is living her dreams no matter what!

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US: http://amazon.com/author/maiadylan Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/maiadylanauthor Street Team FB Page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/955387561187276/ Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13724210.Maia_Dylan

The Tower



Title: The Tower (A Rapunzel Story) / Twisted Fairytale Anthology

Author: Jennifer Bene

Release Date: January 24th

Buy link: http://amzn.to/2j8O908


Kidnapped by a man that wants to destroy her and everything she loves.

Ripped from The Tower. Kidnapped. Will Rapunzel survive the darkness that awaits her?

This dark prince holds secrets to Rebecca ‘Rapunzel’ Sinclair’s past, but what will he take from her before she learns them?

Stolen from The Tower, will Rapunzel break under the torture that awaits her, or will she learn the dark secrets of her past?

Kidnapped and tortured for a dark purpose, will Rapunzel fall for her masked captor? #dark #fairytale @jbeneauthor


Rebecca ‘Rapunzel’ Sinclair has spent her entire life in The Tower. A forty-two story monument to her father’s tech company where she lives and works, trying to be worthy of Daniel Sinclair’s incredible legacy.

But while her father has kept her sheltered and safe, he has also made enemies, and when one of them rips Rapunzel from The Tower and takes her prisoner she is dropped into a nightmare of pain and pleasure.

There are secrets this damned prince knows, and a dangerous history behind his motivations. As her masked captor works to break her down will she be able to face the darkness in her past, and the dangerous desires she’s discovering inside herself? 


Jennifer Bene is an international bestselling author of romance and erotica who loves wine, hiking, whiskey, and keyboards – not necessarily in that order. She’s been writing for years, but it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological storylines. Whether it’s showing up in dark romance, BDSM, paranormal, ménage, or anything else she decides to venture into, it’s always got that touch of darkness. But, don’t worry, she also insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after! After all, without the dark, we’d never notice the light, now would we?




The Invitation

Security Binds Her (Thalia Book 1)

Striking a Balance (Thalia Book 2)

Salvaged by Love (Thalia Book 3)

Christmas at Purgatory (Thalia Extra #1)

Fae (Daughters of Eltera Book 1)

The Rite


Of Fog and Fire

Tara (Daughters of Eltera Book 2)

Taken by the Enemy

Lethal Sin (Dangerous Games Book 1)

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Introduction Excerpt – short – PG-13

The television went black for a moment, and then a single scene played on the screen at normal speed. It was her father standing outside The Tower, speaking to a gathering of reporters. “My inspiration for what I do with Monarch Systems?” He chuckled, all charm and wit, blue eyes sparkling as he nodded at the microphones. “Well, I want a better world for my daughter. She’s my everything. Without her – I’d have nothing.”

The television clicked off and bright lights instantly flared to life from either side of the television, effectively blinding her. “Dammit!” She flinched, closing her eyes tight as she heard a door open somewhere to her left. It shut again, the sound heavy and metal. Rebecca tried to look, but the bright lights were impossible to see through.

Did you hear that, Rapunzel? You’re his everything.” The low voice was slowly moving behind her, and then a large hand wrapped around her throat and squeezed just enough to make her heart stumble over itself in an effort to speed up. “Tell me, how do you think he’s going to feel when he gets that video of what I did to you in your precious Tower?”

Fuck you,” she spat, and he yanked her head back, tilting her chin up so she could see the mask again.

I already fucked you, and you came like the little whore you are.”

She tried to struggle, but only rewarded herself with pain as the cuffs tore at her skin and his grip tightened further around her throat. “What do you want from me?” she whispered through the strain.

What do I want? I want your father to suffer. I want to see him ruined like he’s ruined the lives of so many others.” He grabbed her chin and forced her head back further, making her back arch painfully. “And you’re going to help me, Rapunzel.”

My name is Rebecca,” she hissed.

Oh, but daddy dearest always calls you Rapunzel, doesn’t he?” It sent a shudder through her that he knew that fact. How long had he been watching them? Watching her?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Don’t lie to me, I know everything, princess. Remember that. Now, you have a task to perform.” He let her go and she rolled her neck to ease the ache as tiny red dots sprang to life in the ceiling. One directly in front of her, two in the corners, and as she turned she saw they went all the way around. Every angle covered.

This can’t be happening.

The man stepped behind her again, leaning down to speak directly into her ear, “Go on, talk to him. Tell him how much you want to come home.”


Long – R

It stayed dark for hours, or at least it seemed to, her mind torturing her with imagined shadows. Each time her hair brushed her skin she jumped, whining into the empty space around her, shivering as her eyes started to play tricks. Flares of color that weren’t actually there, she knew they weren’t there. Nothing was there.

Eventually, she started to plead aloud. She begged in hoarse whispers for him to give her back just one camera light, anything real to focus on, apologized for speaking, apologized for shouting at him – but there was no answer.

No change. Just endless black.

After too much time in the dark, too much time where she was sure she would lose her mind, she heard the door unlock and beautiful, bright light flooded in. She wanted to run towards it, to bathe herself in the brightness, but then she saw the chain in his bare hands. Heard it shifting as link rubbed against link.

At some point she had stood up and taken a few steps towards him, hungry for the light in the hall, but now she was frozen. In the opposite corner of her safe spot, and he was simply staring at her from behind that damn mask. Her voice wobbled as he adjusted the chain in his grip. “Pl- please turn the lights back on?”

What will you do for me if I do?” The words sent a chill down her spine.

What do you want?” She took a tentative step back, and then he let the door shut. Darkness covered her again, only now it wasn’t just a random fear, an imagined shape in the black, now she knew the danger was real.

I want you to come here.” The chain jingled in his hand as he started to walk towards her, and panic raced through her as she staggered backwards until she hit the wall. His heavy footsteps moved quickly, but she darted past him out into the open space. He growled, a hint of his anger tainting his voice. “Come on, princess. Don’t you want the lights back on?”

Yes,” she answered and then ran, his footfalls moving to where she’d been. A low laugh rumbled out from him when he didn’t find her.

Come to me on your own and I won’t hurt you – much.” He started to pace the room, searching for her, but she stayed ahead. “But, if you make me catch you…”

Rebecca covered her mouth, trying to breathe as quietly as possible as she inched along the wall, taking careful steps. He was big and he made noise when he moved, and not just because of the chain he carried. Every bootfall, every breath seemed louder in the empty black.

Last chance.” His voice was closer than she’d expected and she had to hold her mouth shut so she wouldn’t scream as fear wound like icy vines down her spine. A part of her urged her to give in, to beg him not to hurt her, to simply submit, but that was the foolish, weak part – and there was no way in hell she’d listen. His movements were too close and she sped up, but with the next step her foot landed on one of the rings in the floor. A painful punch to the arch of her foot that made her stumble, drawing in a gasp as she scrambled to right herself.

Even as she covered her mouth, she knew it was too late. He’d already heard.

His massive form slammed into her, the breath leaving her lungs in a yelp. “NO!” She screamed, but he caught her arms as she tried to shove him back.

Weak. Pathetic. Stupid.

In a moment she was pinned between his hard body and the wall, and she screamed again, desperate to break away, but he ignored her struggles. “Do you like running from me, princess?” He nudged her hair out of the way as his lips ran down her neck. “Do you like it when I catch you? Is that why you shouted at me earlier?”

No,” she whined and tried to break his grip, but he tightened his hold until the fine bones of her wrists creaked, and he pulled them high above her head.

Oh, I think you do like it.” He adjusted until both her hands were captured in one of his, and the chain dropped loudly to the floor beside her. His touch was like a live wire over her skin, making her muscles jump as he traced a path down her neck, over the swell of her breast, and down her waist. “Does it make you wet knowing I can do anything I want with you right now?”

NO!” She shouted at him, but he growled and forced a knee between her thighs, spreading her until he could press her legs wide.

Really, princess? Let’s see.” He swiped at her slit, dragging damning moisture towards her clit just before he shoved two fingers inside her roughly. Struggling, she screamed through clenched teeth because she was wet. She knew it before he even started to laugh, his breath brushing over her cheek. “Desperate little whore, I know you better than you know yourself.”

You are a whore.

You should be terrified, not turned on.

There’s something broken in you, damaged, fucked up. Her own mind turned against her, a vicious little voice that was worse than the steady, sharp thrusts of his fingers.

Her pussy ached when he finally slid his fingers from her and then caught her chin, tracing her juices blindly over her lips. “Open up.”

With a violent twist Rebecca tried to break free, but his hips pinned her back to the wall and he dug his nails into the skin of her wrist. The hard press of his cock behind his pants was impossible to ignore and she whined, hating him, hating her body for betraying her like this.

He slapped her, the sting making her gasp before she clamped her jaw shut as he grabbed her chin again. “I said open up, slut. I want you to taste just how wet you are, I want you to lick it from my fingers, I want you to realize that this is all you’re good for.” When she tried to shake her head he dug his fingers into her cheeks, prying her mouth open. “You’re going to obey me, princess, but if you bite me? I’ll do things to your body you can’t even imagine.”

A shudder passed through her at his words, wishing once again that she were braver. Brave enough to bite down, to spit in his face even though she couldn’t see it.

There was no mercy in him as he pushed his fingers in slowly, testing her, and she whined as he forced them to the back of her tongue, making her gag. “Suck.”


Very long – Rated X

Turning she tried to kick at his leg, but he barely grunted and she screamed in frustration as she reached back to dig her nails into his bare hands. Air hissed between his teeth as she tore his skin, but it was pure victory when he released her and she scrambled backwards. Breathing heavily she took in his huge, broad form, knowing that another dash for the doors was useless. “What the fuck do you want from me? Why won’t you just tell me?”

Haven’t I made it clear?” He tilted that flat, expressionless mask as he looked down at her. “I want to use you to destroy him.”

I won’t let you. I’m done.”

You are so blind, Rapunzel.”

Stop calling me that!” The scream was a combination of all of her rage, her shame, her pain, but he used that moment to lunge forward and grab her arm, hauling her forcibly back into the room. Instead of throwing her to the floor though he turned and lifted her, pinning her to the wall, his body flush to hers.

Forcing a knee between her thighs, he spread her as she tried to push his chest back. “What bothers you so much, Rapunzel? That I call you that, or that daddy wanted to keep you his little princess forever?”

Fuck off!”

In an instant he cupped her ass and lifted her from the floor, his hips splitting her legs until she had no choice but to wrap them around his waist. The tingling hum at the base of her spine ushered a surge of shame through her system. She was not enjoying this, didn’t want this, she was not –

Tell me… if I touch you right now, will you be wet?” His voice was a low purr that amplified the sparkling heat inside her and she hated it, hated him, and hated most of all that it was true.

Let go of me.”

You’re wet. I know it. You always are for me.” The man leaned forward, brushing the mask across her shoulder as he nuzzled her neck. He took a deep breath against her skin, a groan escaping him as he pressed his hips forward, the growing hardness unmistakable. “You need it as much as I do, princess.”

For a moment her hands were still braced against his chest, trying uselessly to push him away, to ignore his words, but then a thought struck like lightning. Before the fear could stop her, she reached up and ripped the mask over his head in a single, fluid motion. Tawny brown eyes immediately went wide beneath sculpted dark brows. He had the features of an angel, too beautiful to be so evil. A seraph with high cheekbones, the faintest shadow of a beard covering his cheeks sloping towards lips that parted in shock. The mask hung at her side, gripped white-knuckle tight in shaking fingers, as his beautiful face contorted with rage.

He caught her by the throat, slamming her head back against the wall as he snarled. “What the fuck have you done?”

No more hiding,” she hissed at him, and his eyes danced over her face.

That’s what you want? You want to see me?” Releasing her throat he pulled her away from the wall, grabbing her hips, and he almost stumbled as he walked them both towards the mattress. Dropping her onto it he followed and pushed his way roughly between her thighs, miming a thrust. “You want this?”

No! I –”

Are you really going to try and lie to me right now?” His hand slipped between them, and an instant later he swept up her cleft. Soaking wet. Slick with the damning evidence of her twisted urges, and she cursed herself. Damaged, broken, wired wrong. Catching her legs he pushed her knees towards her chest and then spread her wide, sliding down until his shoulders held her open – and then he dragged his tongue through her wetness in a confident swipe.

Oh God.

The pure shock of it made her lift her hips. It had nothing to do with the tingling buzz at the base of her spine, or the way his thumbs dug into the tender flesh of her thighs to bare her completely for him. “Yes…” he groaned against her, the low vibration of his voice making her shiver, but all she could see was the tousle of dark hair atop his head as he started to devour her.

Please, stop! I don’t want this! I don’t want you! Stop!” Rebecca pleaded in desperation, because no matter what her mind thought, she knew what her body felt. Pleasure stormed through her like an invading army, pushing its way past her borders, starting a war inside that she was ill-equipped to win.

So. Many. Lies.” Each word was punctuated by a deviously long trace of his tongue that ended with a torturous flick over her clit. Just as she opened her mouth to beg for him to stop, he focused in on that bundle of nerves, sending her into gasping moans that cleared the words from her mind.

When she tried to arch her back, to lift her hips against him, he simply pressed her flat with the strength in his arms, pinning her exactly where he wanted her.

Why had she ever thought she could win?

He concentrated all his attentions on her clit until she was a whimpering mess. There was no relief from the constant, vibrant teases that had her on edge in minutes. In one moment he would bring her to the very brink until she thought there would be no way to hold back the pending orgasm, and then he would slow, lapping at her pussy in long strokes of his tongue that slowed her racing heart. She would ease back, slowly calming until she felt somewhat in control of her body again, and then he would take it back.

It was a twisted game, one that made it clear he could choose to satisfy, or ruin her, at his leisure. The various bruises across her front and back, around her wrists and ankles, were testament enough, but this taunting amusement of bringing her to the cliff, holding her over until her hips were bucking against her will, seeking completion, this was pure torture. Pure evil.

Tension coiled inside her, forcing her muscles to a painful tightness, and she couldn’t take it. “I want to come, please!” The plea leapt from her lips before she had even thought it through, and he looked up from between her thighs, his chin wet with her.

Say it again.” Spreading her further he held her knees painfully apart, straining the muscles as he leaned up. The hard outline of his erection was evident behind his boxers, at the bottom of his carved abs. Forced to look at him, she couldn’t make her tongue shape the words. With a low chuckle he moved up her body until he was rubbing himself slowly, deliberately against her, a wicked promise of completion as sparks lit their way up her spine. “Beg me.”

No.” Rebecca shook her head, whimpering as he started to rock. Teasingly slow, but he never got her close enough that she could push herself over with a shift of her hips, and after a moment she realized she was effectively grinding her clit against the hard ridge of his cock in desperation. “Damn you!”

I’m already damned, princess. Say it, and I’ll give you what you want.”

Oh God, I hate myself,” she confessed on a whisper as the arousal turned to fire in her blood, and he laughed, his lips tracing over her collarbone as he slowly rolled his hips above her in a mockery of what she needed.

Give in. Say it.”

She groaned, winding her hands in her hair to pull at it like she might reactivate the section of her brain that could still function. The part not drowning in this primal need to be overpowered, to be taken by this monster between her thighs.

If it helps, I kind of hate you too. But a hate fuck will still scratch the itch.” He grinned down at her, and the devilish smirk somehow undid her. There was nothing good in this situation, nothing redeemable, but somewhere in the chaos, the torture, the nightmare of it all – she’d lost the ability to care.

I want to come.”

And I want to fuck you,” he growled and moved against her.

Clenching her jaw tight she relaxed her thighs, letting his weight settle over her, and he nuzzled under her chin, his hands sliding up her sides to hold her arms gently above her head.

I want to hear you say it, princess.”

Say what?!” She snapped at him, bucking her hips up towards the hardness between her thighs still infuriatingly encased behind cloth, but he growled down at her. A wordless chastisement.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…” He nipped at her breast. “Say it or I’ll leave you high and dry. Well, high and very, very wet anyway.”

I can’t.” The words were a whine, and he laughed softly as his tongue traced her skin, his hips starting to pick up a rhythm that was more torment than pleasure.

Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to make you come, princess? Just nod for me.” It was exactly what she could have never said aloud and even though she cursed herself, hated her weakness, wished she could be noble and fierce like Judith – she nodded. A satisfied groan escaped his lips as he propped himself on an elbow to shove his boxers out of the way. She caught one glimpse of his hard shaft before she forced her eyes back towards the ceiling, not even fighting as he lined up and thrust hard.

Instantly, achingly full.

The gasp was half shame and half satisfaction, but he wasn’t waiting for a second invitation. He swung his hips back and slammed into her again, and again, and her hips met him every time. Low grunts of effort left his parted lips, but he nuzzled against her neck like a lover. His mouth tracing firebrands of nipping kisses over her skin, damning her with each thrilling pulse of pleasure from between her thighs.




Jay is a werewolf who isn’t looking for anything permanent until a sweet little thing crashes into his world. Two complete opposites meet and sparks go off. It would be fine if someone wasn’t trying to kill the woman his wolf wants to claim.

Cat is a witch who has to find a place to set down roots and work her magic. Her only problem is a sexy werewolf who just doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. She really doesn’t have time to deal with this growing attraction, but some things just can’t be ignored.

Don’t miss out on the next adventure in this tiny little town of Strange Lake Falls.

There’s a blue moon coming and this witch is going to be ready for it.



A room of powerful beings and she could feel their energy. It was a little seductive.

Are you enjoying yourself?”

She turned to face one of the sexiest men she had ever met—Jay Baker. He was part of the wolf pack and had a twin brother named Rod. The two of them were hard to miss when they walked into a room. Having him stare at her with such intensity made her body react. Her nipples hardened and she felt her panties dampen.

Is it warm in here?” She waved her hand in front of her face trying to cool down.

It might be, all of us werewolves can put off a lot of body heat. Come, we’ll go outside and cool down.”

She felt his hand at the small of her back and let him lead her outside through the French doors. It was a wonderful night and the cool breeze helped relieve her body from overheating. They stopped a few feet away from the pool. Cat looked up at the stars and smiled.

This is much better. The stars are beautiful.”

She felt him next to her and he leaned down to whisper in her ear. “They don’t compare to you little Cat.”

Cat wanted nothing more than to have him take her into his arms and kiss her, but he didn’t. It disappointed her. She shook her thoughts, she barely knew Jay but she was drawn to him. When he was near, she couldn’t look away and she found herself wanting to spend more time with him.

I hear that you and your grandmother plan to stay in Strange Lake Falls.”

Yes, if I can find a permanent job.”

I’m sure you will.”



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The Laird And The Sassenach

The Laird and the Sassenach-AB Cover.jpg


The Laird and the Sassenach

By Ashe Barker

#eroticromance #ashebarker #discipline #dominance #spanking #Scottishromance #Highlanders #historicalromance #meninkilts

Tag Lines

  • Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Laird
  • A highland warrior with a score to settle
  • She faces justice, truth, and a Laird’s vengeance


After her half-brother attacks the kinsmen of Blair McGregor, Lady Roselyn of Etal is brought before the stern highland laird to answer for her reluctant, unwitting role in the crime. Once she has told her story, she throws herself at his mercy.

Blair soon realizes that Roselyn is as much a victim of her half-brother as anyone, but his people’s demands for justice cannot be ignored entirely, so he strips the young Englishwoman bare and chastises her firmly with a switch applied to her naked backside.

The painful, humiliating punishment both assuages Roselyn’s guilt and leaves her yearning to be even more thoroughly mastered by the handsome laird. Though Blair makes it clear that she is free to return home, she instead chooses to remain with the him in his castle… and in his bed. Their passion soon blossoms into romance, but can the highlander protect his beautiful Sassenach when the villain who caused them both so much pain tries to tear her away from him?

Publisher’s Note: The Laird and the Sassenach includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Read Chapter 1 for free

Blog post Introduction

The Laird and the Sassenach is a story of a man with justice to mete out, and a dilemma to face. Sometimes the truth seems to stare us in the face, at other times it may be not so clear where the blame lies. In the middle ages, of course, matters of crime and punishment, guilt or innocence were simple enough. The social hierarchies of the time placed authority and power in few hands and there were no qualifications required which entitled the privileged to rule. They were just handed the job and the common folk had to hope their leaders would turn out to be wise and fair. Sometimes they got lucky, and The Laird and the Sassenach is a story of one such instance.

I love to write historical stories. I am especially drawn to Highland fantasies, and why not? Who can resist the soaring Scottish scenery and sexy men in kilts. I find myself fascinated by that heady cocktail of honour and lawlessness, the atmospheric sensuality of the time and the way an all-powerful laird will reveal his soft centre just when it matters. But the Sassenach in the story also has her little quirks and faces some unique challenges. And look out for an unlikely star of the show. Freya the wolfhound has her part to play and I absolutely adored her.

I hope readers enjoy The Laird and the Sassenach as much as I loved writing it

Author Interview

This is entirely optional, but if you want to make a more individual post, please feel free to select up to 6 Q&As to include – your choice which ones you use.

  1. So, tell us a bit more about Blair. He’s stern and sexy, with a twitchy palm, but what else is there to know?

Well, I think you just about covered the basics there. Blair has a strong sense of duty, and of justice. He knows that he has to satisfy the demands of the McGregor clan who expect to see justice done but he is unwilling to do so at the expense of an innocent woman. Blair is determined to know the truth and to apportion blame where it should lie, but he is also an implacable enemy. If he discovers that Roselyn is to blame he will not hesitate to make her answer for her crimes.

  1. How many books have you written? Are they all historical or spanking fiction?

I have over forty titles out now, and they are all erotic stories. About a dozen of them are historical novels. Some have more of a BDSM vibe going on and some are spanking/domestic discipline. At first I wrote just contemporary stories, then I started adding a few historicals and sci-fis. I love the variety.

  1. Why do you enjoy writing historical fiction?

History was my favourite lesson at school, though some periods are more fascinating to me than others. I always preferred the medieval or even earlier times, though the Victoriuans were an interesting bunch too. In many ways life was simpler in the past, if a lot more brutal, and of course some of the moral issues we would have to deal with in a contemporary setting don’t apply. Inequality was the norm. Women were expected to obey – or else. A spanking author can have a field day.

  1. What advice would you have for writers who decide to try their hand at erotica?

I’d tell them to have a go, but to have a decent thesaurus to hand. And an internet connection. Youtube is the erotica writer’s friend.

  1. Do you see writing as a career?

Yes. I try to be fairly ordered about it. I like to be at my desk (well, more accurately the kitchen table) laptop fired up and coffee to hand, by nine in the morning and I tend to write for most of the day then. There are also a lot of related tasks to keep on top of, mainly to do with promo or research, or keeping in touch with readers and other authors. It’s definitely a full-time job for me.

  1. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I think it was always there, though I only started writing properly about three years ago. I have always tended to plot stories in my head though, often when sitting in traffic jams on my daily commute. I now work at home so all that time spent inhaling exhaust fumes is finally paying off.

  1. If you could have been told one thing that you weren’t told when you were a teenager, what would you like to have heard?

I was given lots of advice as a teenager, much of it unsolicited and not especially good. I think we all have to make our own mistakes, but hopefully I haven’t made the same mistake to many times. That would be sad.

Looking back, I think the most important thing I picked up along the way was that we all have choices, all the time. We’re entitled to choose our own way in life, but we should also be ready to own and accept the consequences of our decisions.

Someone once invited me to cast my mind forward to a time perhaps sixty years from now when I’ll be long-gone and my daughter (currently eighteen) is herself entering old age. Imagine she’s talking to her grandchildren, telling them about me. What would I like her to be saying? My actions now, today, will dictate what those obituaries might be so don’t leave it until later to be the sort of person you want to be remembered as.

  1. If you had to describe yourself using three words, it would be…

Resilient. Creative. Calm.

  1. What would you do if you were the last person on this earth?

Turn out the lights.

  1. If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

I think at some level or other they are all a little bit about me. I could never write a book about a heroine I didn’t actually like or identify with in some way. Or a hero I couldn’t relate to and wouldn’t want to meet. Maybe I’d call my autobiography Made a Difference, because I hope that would be true. Perhaps that should be on my gravestone rather than a book cover, come the day.

Excerpt 1 (PG)

I shall have to trouble you to remove your gown, Roselyn. And your shift. I require you naked to the waist.”

Her eyes darkened to a shade close to violet. “I cannot. You cannot ask that of me.”

I am not asking. It is not a request, it is a command. You will remove your clothing, or I shall summon a couple of my guards and they will remove it for you.” He stood and reached for her thin shoulder. Apart from offering her his arm to lead her into the solar this was the first time he had touched her and he was oddly pleased that despite her predicament and obvious fear she did not shrink away from him. He squeezed gently. “I do not intend to harm you, Roselyn, and this will be easier for you if just the two of us are present. If you require assistance I shall be pleased to aid you.”

She turned her face in his direction. “You really believe there might still be bruises.”

It is possible, aye. Shall we find out?” He deliberately gentled his tone, sensing that she was willing to do even this if it would help to bolster her case.

There was a brief pause. She chewed on her lower lip and twisted her fingers nervously. Moments passed, then she raised her face to grant him a tremulous smile. “Very well, my lord. Thank you.”

Thank you?”

For your offer of aid. I believe I shall require it for my hands are shaking.”

Fuck. He took no pleasure in that knowledge, though why he should care was beyond him. Blair turned her to face him and with a few deft movements untied the laces which held her kirtle closed at the neck. The garment was simple enough and practical. He was glad of that as he separated the two halves and slid it off her shoulders and down her arms. Beneath she wore just a woollen leine, loose enough not to require any fastenings. The lower portion disappeared into the skirts of her kirtle, still held at the waist by her belt made of plaited leather. Blair loosened the belt to free the fabric beneath, then pulled the leine up out of the confines of her outer clothing. Despite her acquiescence, Roselyn made a grab for the garment as he started to lift it higher.

Blair paused. “Roselyn?”

She released her grip on the soft wool and raised her arms obediently in order to allow him to draw it over her head. She was naked beneath.

She was his enemy, but that was no reason not to speak his mind. Blair made no pretence of not observing what was displayed before him.

You are quite lovely, Lady Roselyn.”

She gulped and laid her hands over the plump mounds. “Please…” she whispered.

He leaned in to murmur in her ear. “Do not be afraid. I mean you no harm here. I will touch you now, and if I hurt you, you must say so. Do you understand?”

Yes, sir.” Her lovely eyes were closed and she continued to worry her lower lip between her small white teeth. Despite his reassurances, she was plainly terrified. The view was delightful but even so, he opted to conclude their business as quickly as he might.

Turn to the right, if you please, to better catch the light from the window.” Not that he particularly required the benefit of improved illumination; the yellows and faint purplish smudges on her skin were plain to see. Blair was familiar with injuries acquired in battle and in training. He had sustained enough himself and had no difficulty in recognising the remnants of a severe battering. Both sides of her slender torso were similarly marked from just below her arms almost to her waist. He could not accurately date the original attack, but saw no cause to dispute her account of it.

He stroked the contours of her ribs on her left side, careful to exert no pressure. Even so, she winced. “Does it still pain ye, lass?”

Your hands are cold, my lord.”

Blair chuckled. “Ah, I apologise.” He stepped around to better examine the right side also. This time when he laid his fingers on her she remained still.

Are there bruises, my lord?”

Aye, there are.”

Then this will prove my account? You believe me?”

It helps, without doubt. ‘Tis a pity we have no witness to support your story, though I daresay I could dispatch men to Kelso to question the Reverend Mother.”

You would do that?”

He was surprised to realise that he would. Indeed he would, for he found he badly wanted to prove the mitigating circumstances which might help excuse Lady Roselyn’s actions. He was not a fool, Blair knew his people well. He would have to present convincing evidence of coercion in order to satisfy the members of Clan McGregor who would demand retribution for the deaths of their kinsfolk. As matters stood they would expect him to hang the English wench and would consider that a merciful end. It might yet come to that, but despite his earlier intentions he now found he had no real stomach for heaping his vengeance upon this fragile wench.



Excerpt 2 (18+)

Will you beat me again?”

Aye, if you deserve it. For disobedience or disrespect. I am master here and that will apply to all. But you would not find me cruel. Indeed, I believe you would find pleasure in what I offer.”

Pleasure, my lord? I do not quite take your meaning.”

Will you not own to the slightest stirring? You may deny your arousal but your body betrays ye, Roselyn. Your nipples are swollen, your eyes have darkened as you consider my offer. I believe if you were to spread your thighs for me now I would find you wet.”

Wet?” She drew in a shuddering breath. “My nipples… it is chilly in here.”

Nay, it is not. I banked up the fire afore I woke you. Stop making excuses and open your legs for me, Roselyn.”

I will not.”

Yes, you will, and you will do it now.”


He trailed his fingers the length of her body, tracing a path between her breasts and across her flat stomach to her mound. There he teased the auburn curls which protected her most intimate place.

Open for me.” He leaned in to whisper the words into her ear, his familiar male smell overwhelming her senses. He was spice, and he was musk, heather, pine, and something mysteriously unique, an essence which was only his.

Roselyn was lost, mesmerised. She rolled fully onto her back, even managed not to wince as her weight settled on her punished buttocks. Bending her knees a little, she allowed him to tease her thighs apart. His slid his hand between her legs and stroked her moist folds.

Ah, so deliciously damp. Roselyn, you do indeed delight me.”

My lord…” She was lost, her words buried under the waves of pure sensation. “What are you doing to me?”

I am pleasuring ye, sweetheart. Be still for me, and open wider.”

As though in a trance, wrapped in fog of unaccustomed sensuality, Roselyn obeyed. She arched her back and let out a sharp cry as he slipped one long finger into her wet channel.

He paused. “Did I hurt ye?”

She shook her head. “No. It was… oh, please do that once more if you would.”

He thrust his finger into her again, then added a second digit. Unfamiliar sensations assailed Roselyn, both confusing and exciting. And intense. It was incredible, unbelievable. Her head whirled. She felt tight, stretched, yet at the same time she wanted nothing other than to spread her body open, to welcome this intrusion. He was right, this was about pleasure. It was a strange sort of joy, but she craved it nonetheless.

That feels good, my lord.”

My title is laird, not lord, but I believe we are on first name terms now. You will use my given name, most particularly when my fingers or indeed any part of my anatomy is lodged within your sweet cunt.”

Oh, God…”

Nay, just Blair will do.” He withdrew his fingers and resumed stroking her outer lips. He found a spot which brought Roselyn’s hips right up from the mattress. “Ah, now I see I have your complete attention. Perhaps you might like to practice using my name.” He paused in his sensuous rubbing and Roselyn moaned her need.

Say my name,” he urged.

Blair.” She whispered it.

He resumed the torturous caress. “Again. Say it again. Louder.”

She raised her voice a little. “Blair.”

Better. And you will scream my name when you find your release.”


He took that most sensitive nubbin between his fingers and he squeezed. Something clenched within, deep in her core, and Roselyn longed for his fingers to be inside her tight channel again. She yearned to be filled, stretched, owned.

Could you…? Blair, I need…”

I know.” He continued to roll her sensitive flesh between his fingers, whilst he used his free hand to open that most secret place and plunged two digits into her again.

It was too much. Roselyn could no longer speak, could not even form a coherent thought. She could only feel as irresistible shudders rocked her slight form and her inner walls clenched helplessly around his fingers. She arched further, lifting her hips, pleading for something, anything…

Oh, Blair. Blair, Blair, Blair!” She let out a keening wail as the sensations peaked and her body convulsed, then, gasping, she stilled.

Excerpt 3 (18+)

An hour later Blair ascended his private stairs leading to his solar. Roselyn had gone up some twenty minutes earlier, at his bidding. She should be ready for him by now. Aiden had also completed his allotted task and the products of the man’s labours now awaited the laird, suitably prepared and soaking in a bucket of water in the hallway outside his chamber door.

Blair halted to check the switches. Aiden had done his work well and Blair could detect no sharp edges which might cut Roselyn’s delicate skin. He crossed the solar to the door which led to the smaller chamber where he slept.

Roselyn had obeyed his instructions to perfection, particularly considering that this was the first time he had required her to be naked in his presence. He had been tempted on many occasions and as his prisoner, there would have been little she could do had he decided to take advantage of her vulnerable situation. When her very life hung in the balance his innate sense of honour would not permit him to stoop to such an act, but all had changed now.

She turned her head as he entered the room. “My lord…?”

You will not speak, Roselyn, unless I ask you a direct question. You may of course scream—indeed, I believe my people will expect it.”

She nodded and bowed her head.

He paused for a moment to peruse her slim body. Had there been the slightest mark remaining, any residue of her beating at Kelso, he would have insisted that this issue between them be deferred. There was not.

Very well then, we continue. He strode past her to fetch the bolster from the head of the bed and moved it to the foot. Blair considered the arrangement for a moment, then took a length of folded plaid from a chest and added that to the pile. It would do. He turned to regard Lady Roselyn.

I shall require you to lie across the foot of my bed where I have placed pillows which will lift your bottom up for me. I expect you to remain still and in position until I am finished, and I have no doubt that you will find that difficult. If you move I shall be obliged to start all over again, so to avoid disappointment to both of us I shall tie you in place. Your wrists shall be secured, and your ankles.” He moved to stand immediately in front of her and tipped up her chin with his fingers. “I will hurt you, Roselyn, for that is what I intend, but I will do you no lasting harm. Do you understand the difference?”

I… I believe so, my lord. You are not at all like my brother.”

No, I am not. So, may I help you up?”

She nodded and reached for his hand. Blair helped her to her feet then paused to peruse her naked form. “You are quite lovely.” He meant it but now was not the moment to pursue that disruptive line of thought. Instead, he brushed his lips across her forehead then led her to the foot of the bed. “Lean forward and rest your body on the pillows. You may take your time to get settled, and when you are ready I shall tie you in place.”

He stepped back to allow her the space to move, and moments later he was rewarded by the sight of her upturned, naked buttocks presented prettily for his punishment. His unruly cock stood to attention as Blair admired the vision before him. For several moments he did not move, but then he heard her whimper. She was afraid, utterly terrified. He should conclude this as quickly as he might and ogle her later.

Spread your legs as wide as you are able, Roselyn. I shall secure your ankles first.”

He crouched and fastened her delicate feet to the bedposts, his actions both swift and deft. He used leather straps, sufficiently flexible not to cause undue discomfort, but neither could she escape or kick. He had every confidence she would do her utmost to achieve both before they were done.

Next he moved to her side and took her right hand in his. He pulled it into the small of her back, then drew her left to join it. “I shall bind your wrists like this.”

She lay still as he finished his preparations, her breathing rapid. Satisfied that she would remain quite still during the proceedings and not wishing to prolong her ordeal unnecessarily, Blair returned to the outer solar to select his first bundle of switches.

Excerpt 4 (18+)

Roselyn opted to settle back on the bed beside him, though her sole focus was the hard length of male potency now cradled between her hands. She had nothing with which to compare, but if she wrapped just one fist around it her fingers would not meet so she judged him to be large. She ran her hands the length of him, from the base of his cock to the rounded, smooth head, then back down again. He let out a long sigh which she interpreted as indicating approval. Accordingly, she repeated the action, then again for good measure. Blair’s cock lurched in her hands.

Roselyn was startled. “Did I do something wrong?”

Nay, lass. That was good. Mind, should you be moved to reach a little lower and cup my balls I should not complain over much.”

Ever a diligent scholar, Roselyn was quick to heed his direction. She sought his balls and attempted to hold them in one hand though they seemed to possess a will of their own. Even so, she commenced a slow, steady massage whilst continuing to pump her other hand up and down the length of his shaft. She quickly realised that the head, that bulbous and smoothly rounded cap, was weeping with cool, slick liquid and becoming wetter with every stroke. Roselyn ran her thumb through the gathering moisture to spread it everywhere she could and she assumed that Blair’s moans signified his approval of that strategy.

His aroma enveloped her, the air redolent with the scent of arousal. Was it his, or hers? She could not be sure but it did not matter. The musky tang clung to her and she bent toward him to better inhale. The odour was heady, addictive… she needed more.

An idea occurred to her. He had said he would taste her, but why should she not know his flavours too? The scent sang to her of spices and freshness, but with a quality, she believed to be uniquely male. She would know it better, understand this new experience more completely if she were to make use of all her senses. It was practical, prudent even… She grasped him firmly in her hand and leaned down even more.

At first, she was tentative, just drawing the tip of her tongue through the wetness which coated his cock.

Blair muttered that Gaelic word again, adding in several more before he wrapped a great hank of her hair around his hand. He did not pull on it, though, nor did he force her head forward. He simply held it, held her.

Gaining in confidence, Roselyn savoured the salty taste on her tongue, then she parted her lips. She took him in, just the head at first. His cock stretched her mouth, but she managed. She sucked on it as though it were a sweetmeat, and decided the similarities were striking enough. The taste was exceptional, a spicy tang which grew stronger as she increased the suction. She turned her face to the side so the head slipped into the pocket of her inner cheek and she was able to take more of the shaft. She used her hand to pump that portion remaining outside, at the same time squeezing the heavy orbs which nestled against her other palm.

Blair tightened his grip on her hair, which heightened her arousal. She was powerful, in control of what was happening between them, but only so long as he permitted it. At any moment he could haul her off or ram her face down, forcing her to take him deeper. He did neither, though he twisted more of her hair around his hand.

He thrust up with his hips, not hard, but enough to signal that he wanted more from her. Roselyn found added momentum, squeezed a fraction harder, sucked that little bit more.

Sweetheart… you need to stop now.” His tone was muffled, pained almost.

Roselyn released him from her mouth. Had she done something wrong?

Continue with your hands, harder, faster,” he growled. “Yes, like that. Just. Like. That.”

He jerked violently in her hands. “Let go of my balls and lay that hand over the top, right at the end.”

She obeyed, just as a surge of hot, viscous liquid spurted across her palm.


Dinna stop. Not yet…”

She didn’t, and more of the fluid coated her sticky fingers. The aroma was even stronger, headier, and without thinking Roselyn slipped her fingers into her mouth to lick them. Rich flavours exploded on her tongue, sweet and zesty flavours with a piquancy which spoke to her of intimacy, of heat, and of erotically wicked pleasures.

Blair’s grip in her hair relaxed. He stroked her head as though to soothe away a hurt he had not caused. For long moments neither spoke.

Blair broke the silence. “Next time, you shall take my essence in your mouth and swallow it. All of it. For now, though, and since you so particularly wished to explore, I thought it best that you discover what you could expect to happen when you suck a man’s cock.”

Thank you, sir. It was a most salutary lesson and I appreciate your… your…”

My generosity?” put in her helpful tutor.

Yes, that is it. Your generosity. Now, though, I believe I may be in need of a cloth.”

I shall summon Meggie.”

No!” The prospect of being discovered naked in The McGregor’s bed, her hands covered in his semen, was not one she could quite face. Not yet. “I… I believe I might contrive to manage for myself.”

He laughed. “And I believe you to be shy. Allow me, then.” In moments he had produced a bowl of water, regrettably cool, and a cloth. He proceeded to wipe the remnants of his semen from her hands, then, she supposed from himself. There was a soft splash as he dropped the cloth back into the bowl. “I need to leave, and I will not press you for an answer at once regarding your plans. I hope though that I have managed to demonstrate that your role as my mistress would not be unduly onerous.”

Roselyn could come up with no suitable answer for that, save a somewhat bemused, “Yes, Blair.”

More about Ashe Barker

USA Today best-selling author Ashe Barker has been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. She still loves reading, the hotter the better. But now she has a good excuse for her guilty pleasure – research.

Ashe tends to draw on her own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to her plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.

Ashe lives in the North of England, on the edge of the Brontë moors and enjoys the occasional flirtation with pole dancing and drinking Earl Grey tea. When not writing – which is not very often these days – her time is divided between her role as taxi driver for her teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, tortoises. And a very grumpy cockatiel.

At the last count, Ashe had over forty titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and several more in the pipeline. She writes M/f, M/M, and occasionally rings the changes with a little M/M/f. Ashe’s books invariably feature BDSM. She writes explicit stories, always hot, but offering far more than just sizzling sex. Ashe likes to read about complex characters, and to lose herself in compelling plots, so that’s what she writes too.

Ashe has a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keeps thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from her.

Ashe loves to hear from readers. Here are her social media links:







Or you can email her direct on ashe.barker1@gmail.com


Marriage, Mobsters, And The Marine

Marriage, Mobsters and the Marine-KF Cover.png 

Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine,

Abigail and Jared marry for mutual convenience, each unaware of the other’s BDSM lifestyle.

Can love blossom despite extortion threats, kidnapping, and attempted murder?


Abigail Montgomery, a small town schoolteacher with zero self-confidence, dreams of the Dickensian Christmas her family never enjoyed. Each month she attends a masked BDSM club, but her next visit will be her last. If she doesn’t marry within the next year, her brother won’t inherit Montgomery Hall. Desperate, she advertises for a husband.

Jared Armstrong, a former Marine sharpshooter and occasional Dom needs to $125,000 to get his family out of a hole. His solution—to marry Abigail Montgomery for her money. His only regret is his wife won’t accept his spanking lifestyle.

Gradually, Abigail comes to dream of making their marriage real, but she promised Jared a divorce two years after their wedding. Can they share some Christmas magic as their relationship faces extortion threats, a kidnapping, and an attempted murder? Or will Jared break her heart when he walks away?

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Amazon USA

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Excerpt 1

Abigail straightened her blonde wig, put on her mask, and strutted into the Masked Night’s BDSM club like Catwoman. Of course, everyone went incognito here, their names assigned by the vetting committee. Tonight, she’d become Kitty Gail, a sassy sub on her way to a first-ever hookup with the mouthwatering Dom, Master Jay.

The low moans of a woman bent over a spanking bench sounded bittersweet to Abigail’s ears. Knowing she’d never visit the club again added an extra swagger to her step. Not coming back for her monthly spanking would be…difficult. In the real world, she exuded confidence, carefully hiding the scared little girl inside her that even her family had disapproved of.

Damn it, she needed that spanking. It reminded her of how much she’d moved on and let her cope with the doubts that always chipped away at her confidence. The mind-blowing orgasms that followed were an added bonus.

But after tonight, Kitty Gail, with her figure-hugging blue catsuit and mask, would morph back into boring schoolteacher, Abigail Montgomery. Permanently.

Excerpt 2

For a moment, she’d forgotten everything but pleasing him. She loved it when she lost herself in a world of submission. Obediently, she slid onto the floor and sat, legs extended forward, her back against the base of the chair.

His voice sounded harsh. “Pull your ankles in until they touch your thighs.”

The position left her legs open and her pussy exposed. Her breathing turned ragged as she obeyed. “Yes, Master.”

He looped the blindfold around her blue cat mask. Abigail’s world went dark. She felt lost and helpless as she surrendered herself to his care. Each month she returned to the club to feed her subspace addiction, but tonight with Master Jay, she drifted deeper than ever before. This Master gave her exactly what she needed.

He dropped his hands to her shoulders, “Hold that pose. Don’t move.”

Behind her, she heard his trousers rustle and decided he’d risen to his feet. Her pulse raced as she waited to see what he’d do next. Spank her, she hoped.

Excerpt 3

He held her a moment longer than necessary, then dropped a gentle kiss on her forehead. When he released her, she perched on the edge of the bed. The way she stared at him reminded him of a startled fawn about to run. Stepping back, he closed the door and checked it had locked behind him. “First, we’ll address your disobedience and how you put yourself in danger. After I’ve spanked some sense into you, we’ll talk about what happened.”

He hadn’t meant to unleash his dominant side on his unsuspecting wife, but if those creeps in the car park had gotten another shot off, she might have bled out on the bedroom floor. He refused to think about his Abigail wounded and bleeding because those idiots had come after him. Leaning against the door, he folded his arms across his chest. “Take off your robe.”

Abigail’s gaze darted about the room. “You’re going to spank me? When I tried to help you?”

He pictured her bare assed and laid over his knee. “Hell yeah. You put yourself in danger. I’d never have forgiven myself if those bastards had put a bullet in you. Why are you still wearing your robe?”

He knew this pushed her boundaries, but he needed to make her understand how much he needed her to stay safe. Okay, he suspected no one had spanked her even when she’d been a child, so he’d go easy on her virgin ass. Afterwards, he’d screw her, if she still wanted him. “Normally I’d blister your bare butt with a paddle or spank it until you couldn’t sit for a week. For the first time, I’ll limit your punishment to five bare-bottom slaps.”

Excerpt 4

Jared smiled at last. “Such pretty nipples. Don’t stop until I come back.”

She wanted to ask where he was going, but he’d ordered her into silence. Obeying him when he turned dominant and demanding thrilled her, but after Jared, she’d never sub for anyone else. When he returned, he handed her two clothespins. “One on each nipple. Now.”

She wasn’t a fan of breast clamping, but she pinched one nipple until it stood proud and fastened the clothespin on it. The pain made her gasp. She said nothing, just repeated the actions with the other nipple and waited for him to tell her what to do next.

She watched him roll his shoulders as if dissipating tension. He pushed her legs open and stared at her pussy. “Already damp. Rub your clit until I tell you to stop, but don’t come before I give you permission.”

Author Bio

Kryssie’s a girl who loves to shopping, history, and writing. Back in 2001 disaster struck and her heart valve collapse. Even her heart specialist told her to make her will. Prognosis shocking. Outcome amazing. Ever since Kryssie’s been chasing her dreams. She’s visited the ancient Greek sites she read about as child, taken a trip to Pompeii, and visited the Orkney Islands.

Her biggest challenge was writing the book she always swore she’d get around to one day. It took a while, and being dyslexic, she lacked the confidence to self-publish. Fortunately, Loose id accepted her first book, To Wed a Werewolf, and she’s been writing ever since.

Social LInks

Facebook     – https://www.facebook.com/KryssiesFortune  

Twitter          – https://twitter.com/KryssieFortune,

Blog             – http://kryssiefortune.blogspot.co.uk/

Website       –http://kryssiefortune.wixsite.com/kryssie

Captive Desire



Jack and Morganna are at it again, tag teaming up a set of stories for you! In our first tale, Laurel McGovern is a timid woman who’s been raised by her overbearing uncle, Albert. Even as an adult, he kept her under thumb, working for him and living in one of his buildings. But all of that is about to change… Mark is used to having his way with women. When one catches his off-guard and ties him up, a mixture of anger and lust form inside of him. He needs his mystery Goddess, in many more ways than he can explain. What happens when he discovers the timid waif Laurel is his fierce Goddess? For our second story, we find ourselves in New York, circa 1962, following the Lust demon Roxanne yet again. Her master, Beelzebub has sent her here with one task in mind – to execute the assassination of JFK. Now what she does as long as that task is performed is up to her. With New York and Dallas as her playgrounds, Roxanne rediscovers the humanity inside of her that one Captain Argus Fletcher helped cultivate centuries prior. Will Roxanne submit to her master’s will? Or will she find the inner strength that’s always been just beneath the surface? Red With Lust answers all these questions, and more!
*Publisher note – Captive Desire is a re-mastered edition of a web story first published on author’s blog. This book contains spanking of adult women and sexual situations if this offends you do not buy this book.
Excerpt 1
“Now, what was it that I promised you exactly, Goddess?” She felt heat fill her neck and spread slowly up into her face. Laurel wanted to look away from the intent in his eyes but found she couldn’t. “I … I …,” Laurel was surprised at the high squeak of her voice. “You can tell me, Goddess,” he waited, looking at her expectantly. “I …you said …you said that you’d spank me…” she blushed even deeper and finally managed to look away, unable to say the rest. “Yes, I said I would spank your sweet ass, but … what else did I promise?” Laurel shivered helplessly, caught in the web of her own desire, “You said you’d … you’d take me until I begged you to stop.” “Then I have a busy night ahead, don’t I, Goddess?” “But you already spanked me!” she cried. Mark chuckled, “A few love taps hardly constitute a spanking Goddess. Don’t worry you’re going to get everything I promised you and then some.” Helpless tears began to gather in her eyes, as he grabbed her firmly by the waist and lifted her slightly, freeing her cuffed hands from the hook above her head. Slowly, he lowered her, letting her body slide down the front of his, causing her to gasp anew at the delicious friction. Grabbing her face gently between his hands, Mark studied her with a soft gaze as he used his thumbs to wipe away the tears that had begun to trickle slowly down her cheeks. Her breath caught at the tenderness she saw in his face and some of the tension coiled deep inside released. Mark wasn’t going to hurt her; she was safe from any real harm. In that moment Laurel made the decision to accept whatever the night brought. She could deal with the fallout later…for now all she had to do was feel. Mark placed a soft kiss on her forehead when he saw acceptance and submission to her fate.
Excerpt 2
With a gentle tug to her bound hands he guided her naked form across his strong thighs. He marvelled at the beauty of her rounded bottom, a little pink from his earlier attentions, running a hand across the full cheeks almost reverently. Laurel squirmed in delight at the gliding caress. “You be still,” he admonished with a sharp smack to her left cheek. She stilled with a hissing gasp at the hot sting. “Good girl. You know you deserve a spanking, don’t you? You’ve been terribly naughty.” The feeling lying across his thighs, naked, with her bottom, arched high for his attentions was indescribable. The fact that he was still fully clothed made her feel helplessly vulnerable and nervous. He raised his hand high and brought it back down on her other cheek leaving a biting sting in its wake, “Don’t you agree that you’ve been terribly naughty, Laurel?” Several more stinging swats accompanied the question. She yelped and jerked across his knee as her bottom began to fill with heat. “Yeeeesssss,” Laurel finally managed to hiss from between her teeth. “Yes, what?” More crisp smacks placed low on the under curve of her bottom brought her head up with a jerk. What did he want? She was suddenly frantic to answer his question correctly, “Yes, I’ve been terribly naughty!” His response was to pull her in tighter and began to spank harder, “Sir. Yes, I’ve been terribly naughty, Sir.” “Yes, I’ve been terribly naughty Sir!” she yelled, as he continued to pepper her bottom with searing heat. Mark smiled at the urgency in her tone as he ran a hand across her hot bottom. It was now a lovely deep shade of pink. Laurel bit back a moan as his hand rubbed across her stinging backside. Suddenly, the stinging heat was almost a pleasure spreading its warmth to other areas. She couldn’t help but to lift her bottom against his hand, needing something more from him, but not quite sure what. “What happens to naughty young ladies, Laurel?”
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